Top 6 Trendy Web Designs in 2019

As we are headed into the last quarter of 2019, we decided to compile a list of trendy web designs for your convenience. If you are looking for ideas for your website then do consider our ideas for your business. At Wisdom IT Solutions, we incorporate latest trending ideas in our clients’ websites. Web design companies in Dubai are following these designs as well. 

Black and White 

Colors play a major role in visual effect for a website. It creates a mood and unites the brand with its target audience. We have seen many daring black-and-white web design which have been impressive. 

With color missing in picture, we eventually start noticing different textures, shapes and figures. We view the world in a different light at a much slow pace. White reflects a neat and clean look while black is a strong and assertive color. By combining these you will get a striking appearance. 

Another benefit of the black and white effect is that as this design has minimal colors; thus, adding any color to the monochrome will highlight that area which can also be the call to action. 

Natural Shapes

Although, web pages are designed for a systematic grid but now designers are switching towards natural shapes and soothing lines. Geometric shapes like squares, triangles and rectangles with sharp edges crate a perception of stability. However, the trendy designs of 2019 focus on being comfortable and accessible. 

As organic shapes are asymmetrical, they provide depth to the website while the elements of the page stand out in comparison. Abstract art like paint splatter capture spontaneity. The aim is to ensure that the websites look alive through the illusion of movement. 

Glitch Art

Retro designs always make a comeback! Glitch art is portrayed as retro gone wrong through which striking images are created. Glitches are common in today’s modern world because computers are common. While humans fear that machines are taking over us, we also don’t know what we would do without them. 

Thus, the breakdown of technology makes it an appealing subject for executing designs and grabbing viewers’ attention through exposed glitch images. No one is sure about where the world is headed because of the rapid technological advances and glitch art creates a distinctive psychedelic look of websites.

Micro Interactions

Micro interactions sole purpose is surprising the viewer and creating an event which draws attention. Every small action on the website prompts a response which is a micro interaction but it is appealing nonetheless. The beep you hear when refreshing twitter is a micro interaction. 

More websites are now heavily using such micro interactions through animations, chimes, objects and much more. This is a unique way of engaging audience while transmitting information to users about their actions and use while making websites feel smart. 

Chat Bots

Chat Bots moved to spotlight this year all thanks to the improvement in AI and machine learning which has made this entire process more flexible and efficient. 

Chat bots show more web pages with high levels of customization than ever before in past iterations. Bright colors help in making them prominent and inviting. Animation of mascots of brands and people add a personal touch to chat bots. 

Video Content

Over one-third viewers on internet prefer watching a video about a product as opposed to reading an article about it. Hence, videos take minimal time in walking through all the details of a product in less screen time. 

Google now also features video content above the standard web pages. Due to this reason, businesses now prepare videos to attract clients and making the website accessible in a quick way. Wisdom IT Solutions has made websites with these ideas along with many other new web designs. If you are still looking for ideas then get in touch right away! Our team will get back to you during the usual business hours.

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