How to Use a Mannequin Body for the Photography of Clothing Products?

How to Use a Mannequin Body for the Photography of Clothing Products?

HMannequin body is widely used by e-commerce retailers to give a professional and attractive look to their products. With this technique, the products not only look good in the eyes of viewers, but it also brings more business opportunities to store owners. The photography of clothes on a flat surface, especially in an online store, just look dull and lifeless, or even insincere. That’s why it is important to photograph them with a mannequin body and create various visual effects with it.

In particular, the mannequin body is used for clothes such as shirts, blazers, dresses, jackets and jeans, etc. to let customers know how they will look like in the garments. Besides, well-known brands make sure to maintain a particular style on their websites by using a mannequin body. By skilfully using a distinct type of  display mannequin, we can bring clothes to life without any image editing software.

Keep these tools handy:

Ghost mannequin with chest and removable arms


LED lighting

The clothes for shooting

Clips and pins to style the garment on the mannequin body

 Select a good mannequin body

Each garment has a different style, so it’s essential to choose a dummy that fits your product. While models come in a range of sizes and styles, you have to be careful while buying one of them. Obviously, for each garment, you can not buy a different mannequin body, but keep in mind that you can use clips and pins to adjust the clothes if necessary. Besides, using a full-body female mannequin in a solid color can attract the attention of the customers to the color and the texture of the clothes. While a half body mannequin with special finish and colors can capture the buyers’ eyes thus attracting them to have a closer look at the unique garment.

If you want to save time looking for display mannequin with multiple visual effects, you might choose the PC mannequin from Posh Concept. With an experienced R&D team, it provides all kinds of mannequin body with various surface treatment. You may even custom mannequin body as you like. With your ideal sample or 3D file, a new mold will be produced based on the 3D data. There is no boundary for imaginative and creative design.

Dress up the mannequin

Now make sure that the display mannequin wears the dress you want to photograph. For example, if you’re going to draw a blazer, start with the sleeves and gently attach the shoulders to the mannequin. Make sure there are no uneven lines or wrinkles or folds in the fabric, as this leaves an unfavorable impact on the spectators. If there are any, adjust those with clips or pins on the back. For a blazer, you must remove the chest to give a hollow man effect.

Style your fabric

There are areas where the garment does not fit appropriately for the style because the dummy is not specially designed for your blazer.  At that time, you may need some pins or clips on the back to tighten the fabric and make it a style. Style is significant to ensure the clothing looks symmetrical, and there are no creases or folds in the last shot.

Of course, you may choose a mannequin body made of the material that matches your fabric. Posh Concept uses PC material via high-tech producing crafts, which ensure their products to be odorless and non- toxic. With one- step blow molding and special surface treatment, the PC mannequins are prevented from paint loss, color fading, scratching and cracking. A quality mannequin body can emphasize the fabric of the garment and add charm to the whole photography effect.


Finally, keep the perfect LED lighting in all directions to keep the contrast, shadows and exposure consistent. Place reflectors or whiteboards to give a beautiful light to the clothing to highlight the decisive details of the fabric. Take your camera on a tripod and focus your lens on starting taking pictures of the garment. To show the different angles and possible details, zoom in on the lining, buttons and points for customers so they can know everything they want.

Selecting a mannequin body can be essential to your photography of clothing products. If you haven’t decided which to choose yet, take a look at Posh Concept which produces recyclable and eco- friendly PC mannequin. Various style of PC mannequin for you to choose and all of higher durability which can save maintenance costs and enables a longer visual life.

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