Travelling Safety Tips: What should you know?

Travelling by bus is generally one of the safest ways to get around the country. With any form of public transportation, it is important to be aware of your personal safety. 

If you are planning a trip, you may be wondering about how to stay safe when travelling. Here are some travel safety tips to help keep you safe when travelling by charter bus, and make sure you arrive at your destination along with all your belongings. 

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings – This is one of the most important tips to remember when travelling. Pay attention to what is going on around you and be aware of where you are, and the people around you. 

It is especially important to be aware of what is around you in bus stations and waiting areas where there are many people coming and going at all times. 

If you are travelling on a charter bus rental in Mississauga, or any large bus, be sure to stay back from bus loading zones and be aware of buses that are coming and going.

2. Keep Your Valuables Locked up and Out of Sight – You may be tempted to spread out your computer and electronics on your bus journey and take advantage of the free wi-fi. Just remember to keep an eye on your valuables and be sure to put them away and out of sight if you fall asleep. 

3. Sit Near the Front of the Bus – one of the safest places to sit is in a seat near the front of the bus, close to the driver. People are less likely to bother you if you are within earshot of the driver and if you have a problem you can report it to your driver immediately.

4. Keep Your Carry on Bag With You At All Times – One of the most common thefts on busses is carryon bags left behind when someone goes to the washroom at a stop break. Always take your bag with you. It may seem like a hassle lugging your bag to the washroom, but replacing stolen luggage is a lot more of a hassle.

5. Let Someone You Trust Know Where You Are Going – It is a good idea to leave a travel itinerary with a close friend or relative. That way if there is a problem, there is someone who knows where you should be and can get help if you need it. 

6. Hide Emergency Cash – No one wants to think about it, but in case your luggage is stolen it is a good idea to have some cash hidden away in case of an emergency. 

It is also a good idea to have a few small bills handy for buying snacks on the road, so you don’t have to pull out large amounts of cash. Better yet, use a debit or credit card. 

7. Don’t Share Too Many Personal Details With Strangers – You may be tempted to tell your life story to the new friend you met on the bus, but sharing too much information about yourself and where you are going is never a good idea. 

Most people are honest, but you never know who may be listening. Be courteous and polite to your fellow travellers, but keep your personal details to yourself. 

8. Be Aware of Areas around Bus Stations – Most bus stations are very safe, but areas outside the bus stations can sometimes be isolated. If you are waiting at the bus station at night, be sure to stay in a well-lit area and stay inside if you can. 

9. Trust Your Instincts  – This is one of the most important travel safety tips. If something feels wrong, trust your instincts and keep yourself safe. Report any problems you have to your driver or another staff member. 

Travelling by bus is generally a very safe way to get around. Remember, travel safety is really about staying aware of your surroundings, using common sense, and minimizing your risks. If you have any problems, always remember to speak to your driver.

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