Kids Still Love Clowns: Here’s Why You Should Hire One for Your Child’s Birthday

With the recent revamping of Stephen King’s classic horror story, It, people are understandably reliving why clowns tend to freak them out a little bit. Therefore, many individuals might not even consider hiring a clown for their children’s birthday party. That, however, may be a mistake.

The truth of the matter is, the reason the clown works in the story It is because clowns are entertaining, fun, and ultimately harmless. That is how Pennywise lures poor Georgie into the drain, after all. People tend to get caught up in the creepy idea of clowns even though Pennywise isn’t really a clown at all, but rather a creature described as an “Eater of Worlds.”

But people focus on this aspect instead of remembering the beloved clowns they know and love. They get wrapped up in the “scary” media portrayal of clowns and allow themselves to forget about the entertaining circus clowns, Bozo the clown, Ronald McDonald, and of course, the most inspiring of all – Patch Adams.

Clowns have massive potential to bring joy and a whole lot of fun to a party. That’s why hiring a clown entertainer from the trusted source, Clowns 4 Kids, is a good idea for several reasons. The following are just three reasons why.

It may prevent a future fear of clowns

Today, people tend to be irrationally freaked out by clowns. So, perhaps getting to your children early and showing them why there is nothing to be afraid of will instill a life-long love of these characters only out to bring joy to the world. There are two theories for why people are scared of clowns. The first being rooted in a “negative personal experience with a clown at a young age.” If you associate clowns with a positive experience in your child’s mind (i.e. a very fun and exciting birthday party) it stands to reason that they are less likely to be irrationally afraid of clowns in their adult lives.

While, according to Dr. Bubrick for the Child Mind Institute, clowns are one of the most of the most common phobias in children, he still says that despite this, some kids “love [them].” And, understanding this tendency towards phobia, most places will let you pick how much makeup your clowns will wear to ease potential anxiety. This tactic alone has the potential to eradicate fear as, some psychologists believe that the fear of clowns is due to the “fact that we cannot read genuine emotion on a clown’s face.” Without all the makeup, this is less of a concern.

Make the party about laughter

The Encyclopedia Britannica says that a clown’s purpose is to induce hearty laughter. Some people seem to have forgotten that definition, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Hiring a birthday party clown is a great way to make your child’s birthday party optimally entertaining, colorful, and full of laughter and fun. In fact, rental sites such as Clowns 4 Kids assure that their “clowns are friendly and always approached by children.”

Brighten your child’s day

Since a clown’s main purpose is to inspire laughter, they are sure to brighten your child’s day. In fact, according to Children’s National Health System, something called “clown care” is offered for sick children to brighten their day and make their experience lighter, as well as to include a little laughter at a very hard time.

Clowns bring joy to children everywhere and have the potential to take a mundane party and make it enjoyable and electrifying. The next time you’re ready to throw a party, be sure to include a clown in your celebration.

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