How to Tune Up a Lawnmower?

If you look wisely, then you can notice that many lawn tools which are suffering for considerable use and abuse. If you are facing something like this, then you can take your Honda mulching lawn mower to a repair shop in order to get a tuneup but it is a very simple task. Most of the people waste a huge amount of money for this and this is why in this article you will get to know about the process of how to tune up a Honda mulching lawn mower.  If you want to tune up a lawnmower, then you need a socket wrench, spark plug wrench, screwdriver, locking pliers, drain pan, work gloves, air filter, spark plug, motor oil and gasoline.  

Disconnect the spark plug

The first thing which you need to do is to disconnect the spark plug.  Don’t forget to disconnect this, before you are going to start. When you are going to start this, then you have to touch the mower blade and this is why for safety feature it is necessary. If you disconnect this, then the mower will not start accidentally. You can use your hand to disconnect the rubber boot.

Drain the engine oil

When you are complete this, and then you need to drain the engine oil. If you don’t know how to do this, then you can take help from your manual and you can also get help from online.  For most of the push mowers, you need to remove the drain plug which is located in the undercarriage in order to drain the oil.

You can also drain the oil by tilting the mower on its side and you can drain the oil through the oil fill tube.

If you have a drain plug, then you need to tilt the back of the mower and then lose the plug by using a socket wrench and then use your hands to remove it. Along with this, you need to store this into a drain pain. On the other hand, to drain the oil out through the fill tube, you need to remove the dipstick and be very careful while you are pouring the oil into your drain pan.

Replace the air filter

After completing this, now you need to replace the air filter. Most of the time, air filters can get clogged with oil and debris, this is why you need to replace your filter in order to make sure that the mower’s engine will run properly. In order to replace the air filter, you need to use a screwdriver. You need to remove the old filter and then insert the new one. If you are using a paper filter, then make sure that the face of the pleated side will be out. When you are done, then you need to reattach the air filter cover with your screwdriver.

Replace the spark plug

You need to use a spark wrench for losing the plug before you are going to remove this manually. You can see that the sparkplug has an electrode and overhanging arm on the end. You need to make sure that the new spark plug has a gap because if the arm can touch the electrode, then it will prevent a spark and as a result of this your mower will not get a start. Therefore, you need to insert and tighten the new spark plug with your hands.

Sharpen the blade

You need to remove the blade and for this, you need to tilt the mower on its side and use locking pliers so that you can prevent the blade from slipping. Then, to get the blade you need to unscrew the bolt by using a socket and make sure that you will wear gloves to touch the blade.  You can sharpen the blade by using a metal file or bench grinder. But, if you don’t have the necessary instruments or if you are unable to do this, then you can take help from a repair shop to sharpen the blade.

Replace the oil

When you are going to add oil, then you need to check properly that the drain plug is inserted. You can use a funnel as you pour and check the levels with your dipstick.

Final stage: Reattach the spark plug wire

In the last and final step, your lawn mower tune-up needs reattach the spark plug wire. You need to do this only when you are completely sure that the other task is completed successfully and you are ready to start the motor.

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