Best Interactive Toys for Dogs that Makes Your Dog stronger, Playfull, and Smarter

Playing is one of the important activities for your beloved dog. Playing is the time for them to socialize with the environment. Moreover, it helps your dog to release energy and keep them healthier. Nowadays, you can use interactive toys for dogs to make them play well and happier. Take a look at the list of interactive dog toys that have a lot of benefits for your lovely dog. 

Kong Rubber Dog Chew

It is one of the best seller toys for dogs. Just like the name, the function of this toy is to help your dog to chew something. Instead of chewing something dangerous, you can let your dogs play with the Kong Rubber dog chew. This interactive toy is more than just an ordinary toy because the design is suitable for dogs who love to chew and useful if you want to give your dog an effective jaw workout. Another benefit is that your dog will be active because the toy is bouncing all over the place. You give them an effort to catch the Kong Rubber toy before chewing it. Your dog can release their energy and it keeps them healthier. Even, this toy is also useful for dogs who are recovering from surgery or have restricted mobility. Just give the dog this toy to distract their attention. You don’t need to worry because the toy is made of non-toxic rubber so it is safe to chew and also durable.

Kong Wobbler Dispensing Dog Toy

Your dogs will be happy playing with this toy because it is wobbling around. This toy can also make your dog active and release their energy safely. The playing time will be more fun because you can give treats inside the toy. Your dog will try to knock down this toy with their nose or paw to get the treats. The curved shape design increases the difficulty level of the dogs to get the treats. Just like Kong Rubber Dog Chew, Kong Wobbler Dispensing is also durable. You can also clean it easily, especially before or after putting treats there. Just remove the upper body and clean it with a towel.

Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Interactive Game

This is one of the most popular interactive toys for dogs because it helps to train the brain of your dog.  It is a challenging toy for dogs because they have to lift the bone keys out first to open the treats on the drawer. Your dog will learn two things while playing with this toy which is learning to grab bones and opening the drawer. You can adjust the difficulty level and it makes your dog smarter than before.

Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy with Bacon Flavor

If you want to give a fun workout for your dogs, especially to strengthen their teeth, jawbone, and smell, you can use Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy. Your dog will be curious about this toy because the smell is similar to the smell of bacon. One thing you have to remember that it is only a toy and not a food. This toy is made of nylon and bacon flavored. Keep on an eye when your dogs play with this toy and make sure they don’t eat it. Just buy a new one if you see cracks or damages on the toy.

Now, you have a variety of interactive toys for dogs to use. Just try it and see the impact before and after your beloved dogs play with those interactive toys.   

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