Curious to Know What Each Color of Rose Signifies? Read This!

Taking about love and not considering Roses is worth. Roses are thought to be the best flowers in expressing the hearty feelings to your loved ones. From thank giving to apology to proposing to make new friends; there is no match of Roses. Also, from a variety of colors to the easy of availability; they are perfect and simple to pick for every occasion and event. That is the reason why Roses are the most admired flowers of all. If you are a Delhiite and want to send a hearty Rose bouquet to your loved ones, then there are many online stores that offer flower delivery in Delhi to make this important task of yours simpler and easier.

There are no words to describe the beauty of Roses. With amazing design and wondrous colors, they are just perfect to make every occasion superb. In context with this, it is well said by Emma Goldman that “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” To accompany its beauty, its colors are not lagging. There are a plethora of options of colors when it comes to Rose bouquets. From white to black to pink to yellow; you just dream about it and next year you will find it as there are more than 2500 varieties of Roses and every year new ones are introduced in the markets. Also, when considering gifts, you can definitely pair Roses with chocolates as females can never get enough of flowers with chocolate combo. Also, this is the best trick to impress your girlfriend and propose her. Just spilling the beans out!

Now, you must be wondering that Roses are available in many colors, then which color is to be chosen when? If it is so, then here is your complete color guide about Roses. Read further to clear all your doubts:

1. White Rose

You must have noticed these blossoms in the wedding? This is because, they are the symbol of new beginning, loyalty, youthfulness, eternal love, and innocence; making is apt for wedding ceremonies.

2. Pink Rose

Depending on its shade, different pinks have different meanings like hot pink is the perfect one for appreciation and thanksgiving, while the lighter one is ideal for joy and happiness.

3. Ivory Rose

If you want to show your romantic side to someone, then you can definitely choose this cousin brother of White Rose as it represents gracefulness, charm, perfection, and also your care for someone.

4. Green Rose

This flower is the one that symbolizes growth and renewal. You can also give to your loved ones to surprise them or to please them n some special days.

5. Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose is basically denoted to friendship. It is also the best way to wish good luck to someone as it brings warmth and delightfulness in lives.

6. Peach Rose

Giving this flower to someone will show your gratitude and geniuses. It can also be used as a symbol of your sympathy from your side to your closed friend.

7. Red Rose

If you want to convey your love to someone, then these Red vibrant Roses are an ideal choice to make. They represent passion, love, romance, and desire; making is an easy-to-go option for Valentine’s Day.

8. Lavender Rose

This unique and amazing Rose is the best option to represent love at first sight and hidden feelings of heart to someone whom you want to tell all this.

9. Black Rose

This Rose is a mixture of positive as well as negative meanings. It is used in funerals and deaths and on the other hand, it is also used to describe a major change in life or a new beginning.Now, you have your personal guide on this amazing blossom so you are all sorted to gear every upcoming event or occasion up. Just pick the dedicated color bouquet and let your love expressed to your loved ones in the most amazing way. You can also combine these flowers with any gifts like a flower with chocolate combo, a flower with a card, and many others are there to choose from. If you are still confused and cannot decide what to gift, then is here to make this task easier. They have amazing arrays of gifts and flower combo very difficult to take your eyes from. With this, it also offers reasonable delivery services via which you can send flowers gifts to India easily.

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