How Hiring a Call Center Can Help Your Business

Call centers have gotten a bad rap over the years. Some people believe that by hiring a call center, a company is ceding some amount of quality control to an outside source they cannot govern. But any disadvantages of hiring a call center, perceived or otherwise, are hugely outweighed by the advantages such a move has for the business.

In this article, we will explain just a few of the ways that hiring a call center is good for business.

Having a Dedicated Call Team

When business is booming, it can be a real chore just to handle customer or client calls. This task can even fall into the laps of higher-ups who should be doing other things besides fielding phone calls.

Hiring a call center means that you will have a dedicated team whose job it is to handle overflow calls. This will increase productivity since your staff will be free to accomplish their specific tasks. In most cases, the call center team will be responsible for hiring and training new call center employees as well – yet another time-consuming task that is taken out of the hands of your staff.

Saving Money

It may seem that hiring a call center would have a high upfront cost and that could be the case. But the savings over time far outweigh the upfront costs. It may be a cheaper alternative to begin with too.

Instead of having to set up space for an in-house call center and buying equipment for the staff, you could hire a call center that already has space and the equipment. In most cases too, the hiring company does not have to pay maintenance costs for the equipment that the call center uses. Since it is their equipment in the first place, they usually have maintenance providers.

Improves Customer Service

One of the biggest myths about call centers is that they detract from the quality of customer service a company provides. The truth is that a call center can drastically improve the overall customer experience. Many call centers are available 24/7 every day of the year. Your customers would be able to reach someone who can help them well after your normal business hours.

Boosts Morale

Placing the job of handling calls in the hands of a call center can boost the morale of your staff as well. It makes them feel appreciated because you are ensuring that they will not have to handle a job that may seem menial to them.

This is especially true during peak sales seasons like the holidays when calls tend to come in thick and fast and your entire staff is needed to field them. Not everyone likes talking to customers and being on the phone so hiring a call center could be a viable way to keep your staff happy and hard-working.

Lends an Air of Professionalism

For better or worse, hiring a call center lets the world know that your business has made it. When you think about a company whose executives are having to answer customer phone calls, you don’t get a mental image of a company that is thriving. Instead, it smacks of a lack of professionalism – like a company that is being stretched too thin.

Having a dedicated call center can instantly increase your company’s level of professionalism which will make it easier for clients and other organizations to do business with you.

Better Quality Call Fielding

When the peak season comes and calls are having to be delegated to members of your staff who were not trained to take calls, quality of customer interaction suffers. By having a well-trained, dedicated team to handle normal and overflow calls, you can drastically improve how your clients/customers interact with your company.

A Safety Net

Say the power goes out in your office or the internet cuts out or some unforeseen disaster. When you have an off-site call center working for you, these situations become less disastrous.

That is because even if you are unable to get any work done at your office, your call center will still be able to operate and customers can still get help.

Ensures Every Call is Taken

If you have ever forgotten about a caller on hold or had to put one on hold for a long time, you will be able to appreciate this distinct advantage to hiring a call center. Having a call center in your corner will all but ensure that you never lose a call again.

Long hold times will be cut down dramatically and a dedicated team should not have to miss any customer or client calls. This can go hand in hand with improved customer service but it also ensures that your company optimizes every chance to make a sale or provide a billable service.

Deciding whether or not to hire a call center is a big decision for your company. We hope now that you have learned about a few of the advantages that it makes this crucial decision that much easier. Hiring an external call center will be one of the best investments you make for your business and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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