Event Marketing is a Team Effort

Trade shows and industry events are a wonderful opportunity for you to boost your brand visibility, expand your target audience, and create lasting impressions on event attendees and other industry professionals. 

You’re able to humanize your brand by interacting with event attendees one-on-one, providing a face to a name. Trade shows are a chance to really harness the power of your brand by showcasing your products and services, as well as your unique values and story.

They take a lot of work and a lot of time, but when you make sure your trade shows displays look amazing the payoffs are enormous. Designing the perfect display booth is not a one-person job. It takes months of detailed research and planning, and to do it right, you’re going to need a team of event marketing experts.

Before an upcoming trade show, hire an experienced event marketing company who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty when it comes to executing the perfect trade show marketing strategy. 

When you’re looking for the right event marketing company to heighten your brand’s presence at any trade show or industry event, ensure that they offer the following business solutions.

Pre-event Services

An outstanding marketing company will make a priority to meet with you, in person, long before the event’s start date. Typically, you will want to set up an appointment about six months prior to the event. They will sit down with you to get to know you as a person, not just as a brand. In order to gain successful results from a trade show or industry event, your display booth will convey your brand’s story through customized design and details. 

Ensure that they offer:

  • Research and optimal design
  • An experienced team of project managers
  • Production
  • Installation and dismantle

You’ll be working extremely closely with them over the next few months, so you’ll want to ensure that you can trust them at every step of the way. Be sure that they offer a solid portfolio of successful campaigns, and proof that they’re willing to go above and beyond for their clients.

Live-Event Services

Your event marketing team will be present and on site for the duration of the event. Look for a company that prioritizes attendee engagement with experiential and guerrilla marketing tactics. Although planning for and exhibiting at a trade show requires a great deal of work, it’s important to remember that it can be fun, too. 

Find a company that promises guaranteed lead retrieval, technical support, live and secure transactions, and most importantly, audience engagement.

Brand Ambassadors

The best event marketing companies will always have a team of professional brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are marketing professionals who promote your brand at trade shows and live events by interacting and engaging with attendees face-to-face and via live product demonstrations.

They bring a human quality to your brand and form strong relationships between audiences and the products and services that you provide.

They’re good at their jobs because of their natural charisma and because they’re excellent salespeople. A good marketing company will have a highly effective brand ambassador team who will attract prospects to your event space and significantly boost your brand awareness.

With these tips in mind, find an event marketing company that will take your upcoming event to a whole new level!

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