The Advanced Guide To Get Student Visa 500 Quickly


Australia is best for higher studies. The student visa 500permits to stay in Australia for the intention of studying in an educational institute or university for 5 years. A total framework of student visa 500has been changed from July 1, 2016.

Purpose of visa subclass 500

The main purpose of Subclass 500 Visa is to permit the international students for training and study in Australia during the relevant courses of a period.

Apply of CoE to the Australia school

Before the application of Student visa subclass 500, the applicant needs to enroll in any full-time courses when the applicant received the offer letter from the school. The student received the offer letter and the tuition deposit after that the school sends the applicant Confirmation of Enrolment. When the applicant applies for the student subclass 500it is a must for the applicant to submit all the documents with the application. If the applicant takes different courses they have to submit different Confirmation of Enrolment.

Eligibility criteria of student visa 500

Discussion about the eligibility criteria of student subclass 500is mentioned below:

  • The applicant has to receive a full-time offer for the study from the educational institute or university.
  • The student age has to be more than 18.
  • The student has to submit all the documents and Confirmation of Enrolment with the application.
  • The student has been required to maintain the fluency of the English language.
  • The student has to maintain a good quality of health insurance.
  • The student must have sufficient money for living changes in Australia, study cost for the student and tuition fees.
  • If the student’s age is under 18 and they can arrange money for their study, the visa authority allows giving the student visa.
  • If the applicant stays in Australia and they are applying for student subclass 500 but they hole temporary visas, in this situation the applicant not eligible for any student visa. Temporary visas are:
  • Visa subclass 462 domestic workers.
  • Temporary worker 403 visa subclass.
  • Diplomatic visa subclass 995.
  • If any visa application sponsored by their family it is called visitor visa 600 subclasses.
  • If the applicant expired their student and they can apply within 28 days within expiring date.

The main reason to get student visa 500

Previously the applicant gets the student visa based on the immigration risk but all the countries are framed under the framework of assessment level. An advanced category of student visa is based on the

Nationality – the student’s nationality based on the passport of the student. To get the student visa quickly the passport nationality will be considered.

Education provider as default risk- some of the universities in Australia marked as risk factor respect of the others.

The application process of student visa 500

The application process of subclass 500 visa is online and this process is part of the department of home affairs. If the applicant has all the valid document which is complete the application process and completes the process of payment also ensure that their application is valid. To Release the student visa quickly the applicant submits their details, work experiences, health, and criminal record. This information is helpful for the visa authority and the students.

Processing time of subclass 500 visa

Discussion about the different sectors of student visa 500 is mentioned below:

Defense sector

75% of the applications within 9 days

93% of the application within 23 days

New award sector

75% of the applications within 7 days

93% of the application within 19 days

Postgraduate research sector

75% of the applications within 77 days

93% of the application within 5 months

Schools Sector

75% of the applications within 29 days

90% of the application within 57 days

Independent ELICOS Sector

75% of the applications with n 33 days

90% of the application within 60 days

High education sector

75% of the applications within 15 days

90% of the application within 53 days

Vocational training center

75% of the applications within 60 days

90% of the application within 76 days

Reason of time taking the process

If the time of the process is long, the main reasons are:

  • If the applicant fills the form incorrectly.
  • Which documents are needed which are not attached to the application?
  • Verifying all the documents is a time taking process.

Application charges for getting quick visa service

When the applicant submits their application they have to pay the applicable charges. Total application charges for getting a quick student visa 500 is AUD555.95. The visa authority also charges for each family member who is applying for the visa. The applicant also pays for a health checkup, police verification, and biometrics. When the application payment is completed they receive

Include family member

Family members of the applicant who wanted to apply for a visa, the applicant attached them with the visa application.

Health checkup and interview

Where the applicant started their study and where they live in Australia its important to do a health checkup and basic interview .when the applicant completes the application the visa authority gets all the information about the applicant.

Eligible sector for student subclass visa 500

Now under the student subclass 500 various sectors are followed:

  • Students can easily get a visa for short term courses. It is mentioned in the ELICOS sectors.
  • Vocational training and education sector which give the applicant some vocational training.
  • Higher education sector where the applicant enroll for higher education studies
  • Postgraduate research sector which is refers to a master’s degree and doctorate.


Student visa 500primarily helps for the student to go to Australia for their further studies. But this visa is necessary for every course. There is a lot of advice which is allowed by the visa authority to get the visa authority. New framework about the student visa stated from July 1, 2016. The new prospector and criteria of the student visa are changed.

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