Diary Writing Guide: How to Start a Diary and Write Entries

Diary Writing Guide

Starting a diary is only going to kick up the organisation of your day to day life. Whether you’re looking for a book that will add shape to your work schedule, you want to track your social calendar, or you simply need a place to journal your everyday life, there are so many reasons to get started with a fresh new diary. If you’re thinking about making a great step in the way of organisational perfection, grab yourself a luxurious notebook!  Follow this complete guide to how to start a diary and write entries:

Determine what you’ll be writing

First things first, what are you going to be writing about? Chances are, you’ve decided to start a diary with a specific purpose in mind. However, if you’ve found yourself the perfect notebook and you’re stuck on how to fill all those blank pages, here’s a little topical inspiration:

Work tasks:

This will include your professional notes, happenings in your workdays and any plans for your future. You can even make this a bit of an inspirational section, where you map out your long-term career goals and mark how different aspects of your day to day life are helping you get there.

Social life:

Journals or diaries are most commonly used for jotting down thoughts, feelings and events, and this usually circulates around your social life. This is great for working out any issues you might have, understanding your feelings or you can just use it for planning your social appointments. Add an old school contact list in there to take it up a notch.

Fitness tracking:

Noting down when, how and where you better your fitness will only encourage an amazing habit. You can also remind yourself of the days you’ll need to work out and keep a section that details any routines that have worked well for you!

Style journal:

Although it might not be the first thing your mind jumps to, you can always use your book to record your favourite outfits, or to plan them for your busy week ahead!

Meal planning:

Why not detail your meals in your diary? This is great for weight loss, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and planning your weekly food shops.  

A creative outlet:

Diaries aren’t just for words. You can always get artsy with it. Start a visual diary and express yourself through some beautiful images instead of thoughts.

Create your own schedule

You can create a structure for when and where you write to encourage your new routine. This doesn’t all have to be free form, you can feel free to grab yourself a dated diary. You can find weekly, monthly or yearly books that’ll make it possible for you to use your diary for equal parts thoughts and organisation! Whatever system you opt for, it’s important that you stick to it. If you start to stray, you’ll find that keeping up the use of your diary will slip.

Decide on your format

Once you’ve determined your structure and the kind of diary you’ll be keeping its time to pin down the format. For this final step, you can be as imaginative or simple as you like. The classic dated, linear structure is great for when you need to just sit, be organised and write. However, you can always create a format that’s a little more fun, why not try designing decorative borders, colour coded days or do some collaging? Whatever method you choose, as long as it’s relaxing and makes sense to you, it’s a good idea.

By now you should feel totally ready to put pen to paper and start your diary. Find yourself the perfect book, grab a pen and you’re all set.

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