Should you consider a career as a home health aide?

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Following the career path of being a home health aide requires commitment and love for what you do. This is because you will be dealing with people who are vulnerable. Typically, home health aides help people who are chronically ill, disabled, cognitively impaired and the elderly. It’s quite a huge responsibility and not everyone can do this job.

This career does not require vast training or a degree. However, so that you know how to handle those people you will be taking care of, some little training is needed. When working for an agency, minimal training is mandatory. You can also do HHA training online. Here are some reasons you may want to consider this career;

Stable income

To some people it’s not about the money as they simply enjoy caring for others. However, being a home health aide is a nice career because there are so many people who need love, care and assistance. There is no time you will lack clients that are looking for someone to help them out. This means that you have a stable income on your side.

You can work either part time or full time

Your life doesn’t have to stop when you become a home aide. When working for an agency, you can notify them of the days you will not be fully available. In this case, you can work part time and take care of your other commitments as well. If you are on a 5 to 9pm job, you definitely don’t have access to this kind of privilege.

Job security

This is the kind of a job that you know will always be there. Companies and businesses may shut down or collapse but you can be sure home health care is here to stay. There will always be people who need a home aide and hence making it a lifelong career.

Your compassion and presence is important

You walk into the home of a family you barely know, but your compassion and kindness will truly change their lives. For instance, you have to know certain aspects of your client’s life. These could be their hobbies, favorite food and places they like to visit. At times, you even have to take your client on doctor’s appointments. The fact that they can rely on you makes you an important part of their lives. Your client will look forward to seeing you every day.

You do different things

Let’s face it. It can be quite boring to keep on doing the same thing every other day. This makes the job of being a home aide special because you engage in different tasks on a daily basis. You can do some light housekeeping, go to the groceries, take your client on doctor’s appointments, take vital signs and so on. While it can be such a huge responsibility, it’s something that you will enjoy doing if you passionate about it.

Additional nursing skills

If you are already a certified home health aide, you can advance yourself further and become a qualified nursing assistant. Sounds great right? This puts you on the map of becoming even more marketable. This means that many agencies and people will need your services.

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