How to Use Recessed Ceiling Lights to Decorate Our Home?

Ceiling lights

Nowadays, more and more people pay particular attention to home decoration because a comfortable living environment can lighten people’s mood. Recently, it is becoming such a fashion to use recessed ceiling lights that you can find more people tend to choose them to decorate their home. Using this kind of lights in decoration can not only make your home more livable but also add a vibrant touch to your house. So, if you want to turn your home into a comfortable to stay in, using downlights is a good choice.

What are recessed ceiling lights?

Recessed ceiling light is also known as downlight. It is a lamp with a screw head, directly fitted with an incandescent lamp or energy-saving lamp. Embedded in the ceiling, this kind of luminaire projects all its light downward. Recessed downlights are widely used in hotels, cafes, and homes, creating a warm atmosphere. Different reflectors, lenses, shutters, and bulbs can be used to achieve different light effects. For instance, JC lighting’s REVO can be installed in many different scenarios mentioned above. You can even use several of the lights to create a unique combination, displaying your taste of fashion. I believe the eye-pleasing visual effect will certainly exceed your expectations.

Ceiling light

Why do we need recessed ceiling lights?

Generally speaking, when we are decorating our home the first thing that comes to us shall be ceiling lights. Unfortunately, they cannot meet all your requirements except illumination function. In this case, recessed downlight is the right choice for you. First, downlights can keep the whole unity and perfection of the architectural decoration, instead of destroying the perfect ceiling art just because of the setting of lamps, which the ceiling lights fail to do. Second, the downlights allow you to adjust the angle flexibly to satisfy your requirements of light effects on various occasions. In particular, REVO does really well when it comes to angle adjusting. It has a maximum 30 degree’s angle to ensure that the light won’t be blocked when it is making a large angle swing. Third, LED down light is more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly since it can give out brighter light while consuming less energy. As for REVO, it is transparent and has a good heat dissipation effect, which can make the larger wattage with smaller size.

How to choose an appropriate recessed ceiling light? An appropriate recessed ceiling light should be matched with your home style. But when choosing the downlights, you should be careful with its qualification first. In this case, big companies like JC lighting are more trustworthy. It was established in 1988 and has over 30 years of experience in lighting design and manufacturing, ensuring the superior-quality products and best services. Besides, you should choose the recessed downlight according to the height and the thickness of the ceiling wall. If the ceiling wall is thick, you can select REVO since it can support a maximum of 20 thick ceiling wall. Last but not least, you should also notice the panel material which mainly determines the price of the downlights. In the family decoration, we always choose downlights made of aluminum or stainless steel materials since they are more colorful and durable.

Ceiling light

All in all, cozy home means a lot to all of us. Wonderful recessed ceiling lights can make your home a more comfortable and livable place. It is an excellent choice to use these down lighting if you want to decorate your home in a different but modern way. If there is a recessed downlight that we truly recommend, REVO must be the first one. You don’t want to miss it!

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