How Is a Lifelike Waxwork Manufactured by Professional Craftsmen?

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Nowadays, more and more people enjoy visiting a waxwork museum, and they are amazed by the wax figures there because they just cannot distinguish the waxworks from the original objects. In fact, wax figure draws more attention to the people in the world. So, if you are the one who is interested in a waxwork show and want to learn more about it, read on to know more.

Known as “stereoscopic photography”, a wax figure is a super-realistic sculpture art, which presents a visual experience to the audience. In the 18th century, the first waxwork was created in ancient Greece. It’s said that waxwork becomes popular across the whole world and attracts an increasing number of people after a France artist called Madame Tussauds founded Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. This museum is something of a collection of celebrities, entertainers, sports stars, business tycoons and even politicians. And it leaves a deep impression on the visitors, who not only have the chance to touch or take photos with their favorite celebrities or movie stars but also marvel at the makers’ excellent and extraordinary skills.

Now take a guess: Does the improvement of technology provide a more convenient means for us to create wax figures?  The answer may surprise you. Actually, the manufacturing process at present is similar to the one in Madame Tussauds’ time. Today, it takes an average of several months to finish a wax figure.

So how can those professional and patient craftsmen create such a lifelike wax figure? Let’s find out together.

The first step is straightforward, that is, to invite the person who is the original object of your waxwork. In this process, all you need to do is to take enough photos of your “guest” from every different angle, which enables you to make a perfect wax figure. Gone are the days when Mrs. Tussauds needed to spend half of the day completing the portrait of her special guest.

The next step is the measuring of the head, cheekbones, nose, and eyes of the person you invite, after which is the molding, a key phrase of the whole process. The body and head of the wax figure will be injected with different materials. Soft wax is used in the manufacturing of the head, because of the subsequent sewing of the hairs. In the meanwhile, we use a harder material to create the body part for protecting against countless repeated touches of the visitors. During this process, it’s crucial and essential to collect the samples of some materials such as the hairs and record the precise information of eyes, teeth and the fingers of that person. The most important thing is to learn of that person including his or her personality and some habits.

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And then we need to add the hairs and paint some colors for our wax figures. Artisans paint the beard, blood vessels under the skin, freckles on the cheeks by using their superior techniques. At last, the professional department will design the collocation of the costume and put the clothes on our wax figure.

This whole process requires so much effort from the professional craftsmen and companies. One such company that focus on waxwork is Grand Orient Wax Art, a leading wax figure maker in China. It has created more than 600 wax figures and held more than 8 waxwork museums in China mainland for nearly twenty years.

Today, more and more celebrities show significant interests in the manufacturing process of waxwork and the organizer of the waxwork museum will invite them to participate in the grand opening ceremony. For example, one of Grand Orient Wax Art’s waxwork shows was held in Guangzhou Tower in China in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Russia relations, which promoted the cultural exchanges between the two countries. Vitas, a famous Russian pop singer, known for his distinguishing vocal that just likes the sound of a dolphin, was invited by Grand Orient Wax Art to come to the museum.

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“That is the real me,” said a real famous star pointing to the wax figure next to him, and that’s when the audience would burst into laughter. If you want to customize your own wax figure or wish to hold a waxwork show, we recommend you to try Grand Orient Wax Art.

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