Need Alcohol Detox & Treatment? Tips to Find the Best Rehab Center

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Are you or someone close, is fight drinking problem? Are you looking for help? Because of the seriousness of the problem, you understand that a person suffering from alcohol abuse need professional treatment.

Seeking professional help and the right treatment is an essential first step in the recovering pathway. When you realize this, you must find out what type of treatment is appropriate for you and how to choose the right alcohol detox and treatment program.

In most cases, alcohol rehab is the only way to kick the addiction and to start a sober life.

Nowadays, there are many rehab centers, using various approaches to treat alcoholism and offering aftercare recommendations to help the clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

How to find the rehab center that will suit you? How to deal with the massive choice of rehab centers, programs, and therapies? This article will try to analyze the information you need to understand before taking the first steps toward recovery. Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions?

Do I need alcohol treatment?

The first sign is that you have alcohol use disorder and need help is your feeling that you need alcohol for your body.

There are some other symptoms of alcohol addiction, affecting a person’s overall health, personality, and social functions. These changes include:

  • Lack of control over how much you drink.
  • Increased tolerance over alcohol.
  • Down appearance.
  • Searching for excuses for drinking.
  • Neglecting family relationships and work responsibilities.
  • Unusual irritability or depression.
  • Changes in personality like uncontrolled anger, emotions, etc.
  • Self-pity.
  • Lying about drinking.

But there is one thing that you have to realize that medical help makes only a half of treatment. The most important is the matter of your willpower. You have to be serious in your intentions. Although it is a big challenge, under professional supervision, you will get through. 

What is alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox is the process of removing toxic substances from the organism. Alcohol detox alone is not a treatment in itself, but it is a crucial first step for people who are facing alcohol abuse and develop withdrawal symptoms after their last drink.

What alcohol treatment programs are available?

There are various treatment programs, keeping in mind the client’s safety, privacy, and comfort.

Medical detox is initial withdrawal management and usually associated with the program under medical supervision to avoid dangers and unpleasant symptoms.

Inpatient treatment means residential treatment and requires living at the inpatient alcohol rehab center during recovery program. In such a program person is not free, which considerably increases the chances of recovery. However, such a method is also the most expensive one.

Partial hospitalization is available for people after inpatient treatment. They may get specific therapy from time to time during the temporary stay in the rehab center.

Outpatient treatment concerns alcohol treatment programs when a client can live at home instead of the rehab center. Outpatient treatment can be both intensive and regular. For most alcohol addicts, this is the best way to get treated, except for the most severe cases.

How to choose a rehab center and right program?

Today there are several centers and programs. You can choose a rehab center and right program by keeping in mind your health condition, personal needs, duration, and intensity.

Make a wishlist. First, start with a list of your needs. Do you want medical help and reduce pain immediately? Or do you need psychological support and individualized therapy? Or, if you have been struggling for years, do you want to gain relapse prevention tools? According to these needs, the specialist will offer you the program that suits you.

Think of quality. To have better results, you must find a rehab center that has licensed and train stuff. Also, do not hesitate to search for success rate among the clients. But, of course, the quality is closely connected with cost. And if the quality is higher, the price is higher as well. But your health is not the question of the cost and do not search the cheapest centers. To reduce those costs, analyze the type of insurance you have. 

Sample treatment plan. To be sure that you have made the right choice ask a rehab center for a sample treatment plan. It will help you understand the duration and intensity of treatment, the approaches, and therapeutic activities offered. Also, you will learn what services you receive and what is the expected outcome.

Counseling services. Alcohol counseling is a critical step when you want to treat your alcohol abuse. A counselor offers guidance and supports you until you reach alcohol-free life. Counseling services include putting a structured and individualized plan of recovery, finding issues, and triggers associated with your drinking disorder, offering tips and techniques that will work with you. Of course, a counselor gives a regular assessment, and determines your progress, supports you emotionally and encourages you to continue treatment if you face some problems.

If a rehab center provides you with alcohol rehab services, you are free to choose a counselor you will feel comfortable with, who you can talk to and trust to. Meet two or three counselors before you make your decision, discuss with them, and if you have the answers to your questions, start treatment. If desired, check your counselor for proper licensing and find out if there are any complaints against his/her work.

Aftercare program.  People who went through detox programs are not cured yet. It means that they just completed the initial stage. The next step is to engage them in the aftercare program. If you realize this, ask about aftercare at the rehab center. It will help you to complete your recovery.

Aftercare programs are designed to give clients assistance and instruction; they provide support and train how to prevent relapses.

A good aftercare program should include two significant components: counseling or psychotherapy to strengthen relapse prevention and medical intervention to help with possible mental health issues. Some robust aftercare programs provide participation in social support groups or , peer support groups and help assist in locating a sober living near me. Also, today, many rehab centers offer complementary and alternative aftercare treatments like music therapy, meditation, exercising, art therapy, yoga, etc. 

Look through these components and choose the program that fits your personal needs.

Specific rehab center options. Consider different options that the rehab center can offer. It concerns the age of the client as teenagers have different needs and issues than adults. Also, the rehab center program must consider the client’s gender and sexuality, professional status, culture, religion, and values to eliminate all possible distractors.

Rehab Center Location. Location may seem not important but still, think whether you prefer to stay close to home or work? Or, maybe, you want to choose an overseas rehab in Thailand so you can get away from the triggers and temptations from your daily life? Sometimes this small aspect can affect the treatment significantly.

Intuition. If you hesitate or still cannot choose, the gut feeling can help can the right place or way. Make sure to go with your intuition on
addiction treatment programs when you decide on rehab center.

If you still have questions about alcohol treatment centers that help with alcohol detox, rehab, and recovery from alcohol abuse, you can speak with an alcohol addiction expert confidentially 24/7 at the Beach House Center for Recovery today to get the answers you need about alcohol recovery.

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