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Cheese has been people’s favorite for a very long time. People of every age group from a 5- year old to an elderly man love to eat cheese. It’s astonishing how the milk product is included in such varied food products. Be it pizza or sandwiches, cheese enhances the taste about a hundred times more. Moreover, different parts of the world make cheese with different methods.

Not only are the milk quality and source different, but also the preparation time of making the cheese tastes different. The whole family of cheese consists of a number of different types of cheese all based on different country regions and the environment. One of these different types of cheese is the famous Bulgarian Kashkaval cheese, which can be found on Serdika Foods: https://www.serdikabg.com/cheese/kashkaval

It is a yellow-colored cheese, made from either cow’s or sheep’s milk or sometimes both the animal’s milk. The name kashkaval is derived from ‘caciocavallo’, which is a combination of caseus (which means cheese) and caballus (which means horse).

In relation to this, the cheese is dried by attaching two balls of caciocavallo having a gourd shape tied to a single rope and then is hung from a wooden pole as if placed on a horse’s back. The cheese is the most famous in Eastern Europe since its origin lies in the countries Bulgaria, Lebanon, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Syria.

The cheese is a traditional food used in breakfast pastries in Bulgaria. It is the kashkaval cheese which is used majorly in the country with all the food products. The most common dish in Bulgaria with kashkaval cheese is the kashkavalka, a pastry with kashkaval both inside as well as on top of it. This semi-hard type of cheese has a fat content of about 32%.

Its texture is very creamy and after tasting it, one can say that its flavor is a combination of salty and nutty. It has a smoky aroma which never fails to salivate people’s mouths when they come in contact with it. The kashkaval cheese is said to have about 310 calories in a 100 serving. In that serving, there is 64% fat, 3% carbohydrates and 34% protein. Hence, it is safe to say that this cheese is heavy and a small amount of it is enough for a person. The kashkaval cheese is used as a generic term for yellow cheese in the countries Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

The production of this cheese consists of the cheese being left to age for about 6 months, which results in the cheese developing an almost spicy and salty taste. It is also called the “cheddar cheese of the Balkans” because of its taste being similar to that of the UK’s cheddar cheese.

If we think about the family of cheese, then the cheese belongs to the family of filata cheese. The semi-hard structure of the cheese makes it suitable for grilling and grating since it does not melt. It goes exceptionally well as an appetizer, salad or on a pizza.

It is very easy to find the Bulgarian Kashkaval cheese in the Eastern European or the Middle East region. However, if you are not local to those areas, then the best way to get it is through online ordering. You can find various types of kashkaval on online shopping sites which are located all around the world.

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