6 ways to soothe your baby’s eczema

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Do you see red colored, itchy and scaly patches in the body of your child? Then there is a high possibility for him to be affected with eczema. Eczema is an inflammatory disease, which is extremely common among children. It affects around 10% of the babies. When you notice the symptoms of eczema in your child, you shouldn’t panic. According to this source, you can easily sooth your baby’s eczema. Here are 6 of the most prominent steps that you can follow to end up with positive results.

1. Give more baths to your child

As the first thing, you need to give more baths to your child. Some parents believe that providing regular baths to the child can make signs of eczema go worse. This fact is not true. When you bath the skin, you will be removing the overgrowth of bacteria, which is responsible for the appearance of eczema flares. However, you need to make sure that you use warm water to provide the bath. You should not bathe the baby for more than 15-minutes as well.

2. Secure your baby’s hands

If you don’t secure the hands of your baby, he will scratch himself. This can make your baby bleed. The itch associated with eczema is strong and your baby will get the need to scratch. That’s why you need to secure the hands of your baby. With the help of a piece of cloth, you can easily secure the hands of the baby. Then you can keep your baby away from scratching his body.

3. Moisturize the body

Soon after you bath your child, it is recommended for you to moisturize the skin. You should not dry the skin of your baby soon after the bath. You need to allow some moisture to retain on the skin. In addition, you can think about using a thick cream or an ointment to seal the moisture as well. You should use this cream two times a day to receive the best possible results. However, you need to be careful to use a moisturizer, which is recommended for the use of babies.

4. Give more probiotics to the baby

Providing more probiotics to the baby can help you to soothe the health condition. Failing to consume enough probiotics during pregnancy is one of the biggest factors that can lead your baby towards eczema. Therefore, you need to provide probiotics to the baby and make sure that he can effectively overcome eczema. In the meantime, you are strongly encouraged to remove dairy products from the meals of your baby.

5. Keep your baby cool during the night time

To soothe your baby from eczema, you need to keep him cool throughout the night time. If you are living in a tropical climate, you need to pay special attention towards this fact. Providing a shower to the baby near the bed time is one of the most effective methods available to keep the baby cool. You can also think about putting your baby to sleep in an air conditioned room. It is also possible for you to buy a humidifier and install it in the room, so that you can keep air from becoming too dry to aggravate the skin.

6. Buy clothes made out of gentle fabrics

At the time of purchasing baby clothes, you need to make sure that you buy ones that are made out of gentle fabrics. You should stay away from using wool and lace fabrics as much as possible. In fact, you need to make sure that the fabric you purchase is a breathable one. Cotton is the best option available for you to consider in such a situation. Then you can make sure that the baby clothes are not in a position to irritate the skin of your baby.

These are some simple, but effective tips that you can do to soothe your baby with eczema. Any parent can easily follow these tips as well. You will be impressed with the results that these tips can provide to you. Hence, you can even refrain from going ahead with medical treatments to overcome eczema in your baby.

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