The Ultimate Exuberant Corporate Event Checklist

A wonderful corporate event can remain in the minds and hearts of your guests for years to come, not to mention make you feel proud to see the results of your work. However, what your guests don’t know is what actually goes into ensuring such a fabulous event, especially if you were able to pull it off with a smile.

In fact, an event planner’s tasks involve many steps orchestrated in the right manner and at exactly the right time, which can be stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be with the following tips designed to help make the event more fun and successful.

Start With the Basics

What is the Event’s Purpose?

Start by determining the reason for the event. In other words, what are the company’s goals? By answering this question from the start, it will help serve as a foundation for all other decisions to follow, which helps ensure the best possible results.

When and Where will You Host the Event?

Hosting your event on the best day and the best time of the day will help ensure you get a better turnout.

Therefore, again, as mentioned here, research your target audience in order to help you plan a date and time that will have the greatest impact on your crowd. You might also consider reserving more than one venue as a backup or to keep your options open. And be sure the venue can accommodate your needs, which will also help you have a less stressful event.

To help make your tasks much easier, you might also consider assigning a small team of no-nonsense, very organized people to help handle each detail of the event.

What Audience are You Targeting?

Understanding your target audience will help you select the right venue and features for your event, which will help make it more memorable.

How Much Can You Spend on the Event?

Determining the finances that are available to host your event will help you set a reasonable budget as well as help ensure you stick to the budget.

It will also help you set the right ticket prices, as well as other charges, to help ensure you get a good return.

Develop the Agenda

It is important for the event planner to figure closely with the event organizer/host because the event agenda can frequently change from the initial conversation until the particular day of the event. The event planner should be able to change the plan and work closely with the venue to create certain everything runs smoothly.

Will There be Entertainment?

One of your tasks as an event planner will be to determine if and what type of entertainment to arrange.

If your company decides to schedule an entertainer, be sure to book one who can promote your message in the best, most entertaining way to help keep your crowd engaged. Otherwise, the presentation could fail miserably, which will reflect negatively on your team.

When executing the actual details of your event, it is best to develop a timetable for the months and weeks leading up to the occasion to help prevent surprises on your big day, which can lead to a world of frustration.

Create Event Communications and Materials

This is an item that some planners could also be involved, whereas others might not. primarily, some meeting planners are answerable for every of the following:

Creating event invites

Printing agenda and different material

Securing participant gifts/raffles

Producing name badges

Shipping event collection and displays

Here is a sample of a corporate event checklist:

Months 18-15 Prior to the Event

  • Compile a guest list
  • Map out the plans for promoting your event
  • Select the right venue based on your budget and needs
  • Develop menus and secure catering
  • Develop a staff meeting schedule as well as a system for communicating with the parties involved
  • Invite key speakers
  • Obtain the necessary insurance
  • Secure outside suppliers
  • Order AV equipment
  • Arrange travel and accommodations for VIPs

Months 12-10 Prior to the Event

  • Go over venue contracts and budget
  • Map out event specifications according to venue
  • Set a media schedule for the next 12 months
  • Determine topics for the program, meal times, and any other special activities
  • Obtain speaker biographies, headshots, and introductions
  • Confirm all suppliers

Month 8 Prior to the Event

  • arrange the list of award nominees
  • Send out meeting brochures
  • Confirm final program and schedule of events
  • Confirm space requirements with the facility
  • Develop a manual to be used on site
  • Put a reliable registration reporting system in place

Month 4 Prior to the Event

  • Confirm all print materials for the event
  • Go over confirmed registrations and then send invite letters
  • Confirm menus
  • Order registration packs
  • Order furniture, equipment, and awards
  • Order flowers for the event
  • Assign venue staff responsibilities
  • Arrange translation if needed
  • Determine risk management protocol and security needs

Event Day!

  • Confirm VIP arrangements
  • Receive all supplies and equipment
  • Pick up all rentals
  • Determine how to issue gratuities
  • Brief the staff
  • Conduct a debriefing after the event

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