How Can I Unplagiarize My Paper and Make It Sound Better?

Students are often overwhelmed with a large amount of work that needs to be done. It is easy to see why plagiarism is high on their list of worries. When I unplagiarize my paper, I always look at paraphrasing as a good option. This is where you keep the context of previously written text the same, but the wording changes. It is a solution to a lot of plagiarism issues. Of course, many students try to do this and still don’t get it quite right. That is because paraphrasing is difficult to do. There is a lot of thought that goes into it. Today, we have access to a lot of online tools. This helps us get the job done at a faster and more accurate pace. If you are trying to unplagiarize your own paper, here are a few suggestions.


This is an easy one, but should be done correctly. When you are using someone else’s work, it is important to always cite your sources. It will keep you out of that plagiarism territory. Also, most students are already familiar with this concept, so it is easy to do. When you cite a source, it is important that you do so correctly, because if not, it won’t be accepted. You also want to make sure that your sources are credible. This is a huge one. We often look to the internet during research, but actually, there is a lot of knowledge still to be found in books. Also, depending on what kind of paper you are writing, you can look to academic sources to help you improve your paper.


We touched a bit on this in the introduction paragraph, but this is one of the most effective ways to avoid plagiarism. This is where you rewrite some text that you found in another source. You want to keep the message exactly the same. A unplagiarize tool can help guide you here, but paraphrasing tools have this built in. You can find a lot of free tools online which could be a good start. There are also paraphrasing services offering accurate and fast results. It all depends on how important this paper is to you. Sometimes it is worth investing a little money to get better results. Most of the free tools work on a copy and paste method and allows you to get your results instantly.

Your voice matters

There is nothing more original than just being yourself. Think about it. There is no one in this world exactly like you. If you write in your own voice, you are already being original. It would be much easier for you to write often if you were writing the way you speak. Reader picks up on these trends and so does your audience. You will be able to connect far better with people if you are just yourself, instead of trying to be a watered down version of someone you are copying. Add your own flavor to the world and see how people respond to you being you.


This is very similar to citing your paper, but it usually happens at the end of the paper. You can do a separate page where you list all of the references of sources you used. It does seem like extra work, but it is better than being accused of plagiarism. At the end of the day, you just have to make sure that your side is clean and there is no gaps for such accusations. No one wants to spend a ton of time on a paper and have it thrown out being of copying someone else’s words or work. It should not be complicated to unplagiarize your paper, but it is also not completely easy.

How do you unplagiarize your paper?   

These methods are effective and have worked for students over the years. Sometimes, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, unless a better method is present. There is always new developments when it comes to writing a winning paper and we need to stay up to date. Understanding the importance of not handing in a plagiarized paper is the first step to success. You are already putting in the hard work, so you might as well take one more step to ensure you get the grade you want.

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