Which Type of Content Performs Best on Instagram

As we all know that Instagram has billions of users who are going to increase day by day. There are 60% of users who have discovered a new brand or product through Instagram. Also, there are 30% who have purchased a product. In my opinion, if you are not using Instagram for business, you are losing business to the competition. In this article, I will give you some tips which can help you in producing the best content on Instagram.

Behind-the-Scene Content :

Behind-the-scene content means you post photos of your company or people how they are doing work and making the products. Behind-the-scene content gives you higher engagement rates and you will also Gain more Instagram Likes also you get the number of followers towards your account. Here, you get a chance to showcase your brand personality and also contribute to your brand story. You should share plenty of behind the scenes content if you are doing a small business or a local business.

Post Images That Help You Engage With The Community:

You should post the quality images which can help you in engagement with the community and getting the higher engagement rates. These types of posts can benefit all businesses but it is particular for small Local businesses. When people feel part of your community they become more loyal to you. Your followers become involved with you giving a big impact on your brand.

Post-user-generated content:

User-generated content performs best on Instagram and these types of posts typically do astonishingly well on Instagram. Your followers then become concerned about your business because you are appreciating them on Instagram. They feel that you are giving value to them. Thus, your follower count will also be going to increase. Ask your users to create content using your brand hashtags so that people can find your brand and share it later.

Timely Content:

 Timely Content is totally dependent on hashtags and this type of content is always used on Instagram. For example, on the 4th of July, people always search for hashtags of Fireworks instead of doing other things on Instagram. By sharing the pictures of timely content with the particular hashtags can drag more audience towards your account. Timely content will also help you in increasing the engagement rates and also you can build your follower count quickly.

Actionable Advice and Tutorials:

The high performing social media content includes actionable how-to content. You can show your users with the video that how to make a particular drink with your products. You can also post a series of images showing users where you can find the new feature on your software. There are lots of people all around the world who search for how-to content thus increasing the engagement rates.

Posting High-Quality Images on Instagram:

As we all know that Instagram is all about visuals, the visual quality matters a lot on Instagram than any other social media networks. To get higher engagement rates, you should post high-quality images of your products. Make proper use of lighting and Shadows to make your images more impactful. You should make use of the actual aesthetics that give the good look of your products.

Bright and light images work best on Instagram so you skip out the dark ones. These type of images will help you stand out in the long run. Usually, it is said that images with blue tints can perform better than images with reddish tints. So you should know the art of adjusting your content and your strategies accordingly.

Images With Inspirational Quotes:

People always get excited from images with inspirational quotes. inspirational quotes give them a warm feeling. People get inspired by these inspirational quotes. They take action and kick start their dreams.

Human Faces:

Images with human faces create a personal connection between your brand and your followers. In the latest study, the photos with human faces get 38% more likes than photos without faces. When you want to boost engagement on your Instagram account, you should use this tactic. As we all know that Coca-Cola has used the tactic of a human face in their marketing campaigns for decades.

Landscapes and Scenery:

It is a common practice on Instagram where most of the brands post most beautiful scenes of all landscapes to catch the eye of the people. Even if your business has very little to do with the outdoors, you can make a strong relationship with your customers by posting the images of landscapes and scenery. Posts with landscapes and scenery get higher engagement rates.

Food Images:

People always get excited by seeing the images of food. Photos of food are one of the top performers when it comes to the visual content on Instagram. People who have food brands have over 1 million followers. Images of food drag the audience towards their accounts and also get higher engagement rates. In the end, people always want to have that food in their home. So they put the order of that food and enjoy it.

Final Words:

Instagram has proved to be one of the best social media marketing network. All businesses and brands should know the art of using the best content to get higher engagement rates and also the number of followers towards your account. Instagram users always respond to the best photos and the content with certain high visual qualities. You can make a better relationship with your customers by producing the best content for them.

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