A Simple guide to revamping your office space


The appearance of an office is now a deciding factor for candidates applying for roles within companies. Gone are the days of a simplistic office, consisting of the bare minimum in terms of décor and average furniture. Whether it’s a small corporation or a worldwide brand, quirky and modern office interiors are appearing more and more. Whether you operate a well-established business which has been trading for a long period of time, or a new venture which is just taking off; you want to create an appealing place of work for your employees and one that attracts new business.

If your office space is looking a bit dated and you want to keep up with the modern day office competition, you may want to consider sprucing up its interior and giving it a revamp. However big or small of a budget you might have, refreshing your office doesn’t necessarily need to be a big task. Below are a few simple steps to consider, which could provide your office with the much needed revamp it needs.

Step 1: Start by carrying out a thorough clean

In some cases cleaning your office from top to bottom can have a big impact on its appearance. Most companies will have a cleaner who comes in on a daily basis to clean all the areas in eyesight, but sometimes this isn’t enough. However long or short a period of time you’ve been operating from your office space, you may need to conduct a more thorough clean. If this is the case and it’s a bigger job than what you can handle, you may want to consider hiring professional office cleaners, like those at The Real Cleaning Company. A simple or more complex clean can have a big impact on revamping your office space.

Step 2: Add a splash of colour to the interior

Working in a dull environment can not only look plain and simple, but it has been known to have a negative impact on productivity. If you’re looking to add some colour around your office, then the obvious choice would be colours that match your company branding, to create a consistent and professional look. Research has also shown that certain colours can have an effect on your overall mood and productivity. Yellow has been known to uplift your mood and boost energy levels, whereas bluehelps to create a calm, relaxed environment and clear the mind. Adding a splash of colour may seem simple, but it can go a long way.

Step 3: Introduce greenery and prints

Not only do plants offer a pleasing appearance around the office, certain types also come with numerous health benefits. Firstly plants are great for improving air quality and reducing particles which create dust; so doing their bit towards keeping the office nice and clean. Although colourful walls can make a difference around the office, hanging prints can create a more eye-catching look. Whether its artwork or professional images taken at company events and meetings, hanging them around the office will create a more appealing place of work and makes the walls look more interesting.

Hopefully these simple steps will help towards the office revamp your company might need. No matter how big or small your business may be, revamping your office doesn’t need to break the bank, as a few simple changes can make a big difference.

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