Small kitchens: How to make the most of limited space

It’s a room that was once reserved for cooking, and nothing else.

However, the kitchen has well and truly turned on its head over the last few years. It has been transformed into the social hotspot of the home – where cooking still obviously takes place, but people gather to spend time together as well.

As we all know, not all kitchens are equal. One of the reasons that some people spend huge sums of money on this room is because it can be so valuable.

However, there can be occasions where you don’t have the physical space to expand it. This is what today’s article is going to focus on, as we look at some of the ways you can trick the eye into thinking that your kitchen space is larger than what it really is.

Be shrewd with your appliances

That huge fridge-freezer might be your dream, but whether or not this is possible in a smaller kitchen is another matter. Unfortunately, appliances take up space, and you need to decide which ones you really need and which ones are merely nice to have.

If one is broken, turn to a company like Service Force to fix it. Elsewhere, consider if you need the real deal or if table-top models are more suitable (this advice usually applies to dishwashers).

Opt for light finishes

One of the easiest ways to make any room, not just the kitchen, appear much bigger is by relying on lighter finishes.

Whether this is through the walls or kitchen cabinets, the same rules apply. Lighter surfaces reflect light much better and the end result is that a space looks a whole lot bigger.

Open storage solutions are the way forward

This next suggestion epitomizes the way in which the eye can be tricked so easily. As we all know, we are in an era of storage and particularly in small houses, this is a must-have requirement for most of us.

However, not all storage solutions are equal when it comes to these smaller rooms. If space is at a premium, make sure you are turning to open storage shelves – rather than ones with doors on them.

In doing this, you will find that the room doesn’t seem to close in as much. This is a crucial suggestion if you are serious about installing cupboard space on the walls at eye-level.

Make clutter a thing of the past

Finally, do we need to say much else about clutter? This is something that is regularly in the news, and there are now a whole host of different techniques you can tap into in a bid to reduce the clutter that appears in your home.

In short, clutter will just eat away at the limited space you have at your disposal. This is where shrewd storage spaces really come into their own and mean that you can plan your kitchen without seeing clutter stuffed away in every corner.

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