How To Apply Grout Sealer In Shower


Decorative and protective- these are the best traits that can be attributed to grout sealer. Grout sealer is excellent for protecting your grout against dirt and germs. As grout is typically made of sand and cement, they are porous, and they have small holes in them. The grout sealer helps to seal those holes. Now that you know the importance lets jump into the applying part.


After your tiles are all done, you should wait for at least 48 hours to start preparing for the grout sealing process. If you wait longer, that’s ok but not more than two-three weeks. Keep the tiles clean and dry before you start the business.

If there is any tools or utensils around the area where you are trying to do the grout sealing then move those out from there. Once grout sealers are on those things, it will be stained, and there will not be much to do about it.

Apply the sealer

Do you have a spare foam paint brush? You can use that to apply the sealer. Foam Paintbrush or roller paint pad is better at this work. Start sealing the grout from one corner and cover the whole area in a system. Follow tricks while doing this so that you can safely complete the sealing process and walk out of the area.

Make sure to keep it perfect

Smoothly apply the sealant so that an area does not remain uncovered. The coats should be even as well. It should not be like one area is protected, and the other space is open. That will not help to protect your tiles from having germs and dirt.

Consistently follow the left to the right pattern so that you do not miss a single spot accidentally.


You do not want the grout sealer to be on your tile, do you? Tiles will become stained if you want it anyway, and that does not look pretty. So go slowly over the grout only for avoiding any spillage. If there is any spillage, then do not panic. Use a rag to remove those sealers. Remove it before it dries out in seven minutes. Then you will have clear looking tiles.

Second coat

Yes, you have to give a second coat. Some grout sealers for shower need more than two coats. So read the instructions before applying. After the second coat wipes the tiles with cotton or cheesecloth. If there is any residue, then scrub it off from there.

Wait for the sealer to dry

After applying wait for 24 to 48 hours to dry the sealer completely. After the time, check out by pouring a little bit of water on the grout. If the water puddles up on top, then you are successful.

Final thoughts

After sealing the grout, don’t presume you are done forever. It should be done every year. If you find it too much hassle then at least every other year is a must. Harsh cleaner washes out the sealers so be aware of it.

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