Impress a Guy – Get Him to Notice You


Do you go out there and knock yourself out, but no matter what you do you don’t know how to impress a guy? Did you always think you had the right moves, but the failures you’ve had have come to prove you wrong? Is dating so much harder than you imagined and getting a guy to notice you is virtually impossible?

What you think might impress a guy and what actually impresses him can be two totally and radically different things. So where do you start?

Use What You Know

Well, for starters, it can help if you know a little about him. He’s a total and complete stranger? Then pick up clues from how he’s dressed, how he holds himself and how he looks at the people around him.

If you’ve set your sights on a metrosexual who spends hours in front of the mirror primping and preening over every line, every hair and every fiber of his suit, there’s a fair (though not ultimate) chance that he won’t be too impressed if he sees you walking in with old jeans and a crooked t-shirt and ratty hair. On the other hand, if he’s an outdoorsman who is turned on by fresh air and open spaces and you arrive with tickets to the ballet… eek, you might not impress him too much.

Chances are if you’ve set your aim on a guy, it’s because you share something in common; an outlook on life, activities, or philosophies. Get in tune with who you really are, then share that lovely women with him. Let him see all that you have to offer, and, most importantly, make it real.

If you really want to know how to impress a guy, be yourself. A phony or a fake won’t impress him much, at least not for long.

Are You Desperately Seeking

As a general rule of thumb, men are not, REPEAT, NOT, impressed by women who are in desperate need of a man. You’re far more apt to impress him with your independence than your need for him.

Let him see all the things that you have going on in your life. Your love of the arts, sports or even a quirky hobby can show him your love for life and your ability to find happiness on your own.

This translates quite simply to the lack of pressure that you’ll put on him to fulfill you and that can mean a lot to a guy.

Be Your Own Woman

Many women feel they have to put on false airs in order to impress a guy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you end up saying something that contradicts him, or you don’t like the sport he participates in or you’ve had bad experiences with people who are in his line of work, it is better to be honest and forthright than to try to pretend.

Ultimately you want to impress a guy with who you really are, not the phony that you can pretend to be and, if he’s not impressed by you, then know that he wasn’t the guy for you.

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