Top 5 Spanish Language Schools in Spain

Spanish Language

Whether it is for boosting your career or just for the love of it, learning the Spanish language is something that has been in trends for years now. The trend is even more so prominent in Spain where not only the locals join to get certifications of their command over the language, but also people fly from overseas to take a course in the Spanish language to master it. If you are amongst those aspirants who are looking for the right place to learn the Spanish language from, then we have some valuable information for you. Below are the Top 5 Spanish Language Schools in Spain where you can learn this language.

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Dating from 2010, with headquarters in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Depending on the applicant’s requirements, there are different Spanish courses available at Expanish for the student’s needs. The level of the classes varies from beginner to advanced level. The strategic location of the headquarters, in the street “Pau Claris”, very close to “La Pedrera”, makes learning a pleasant experience for its students, due to the tourist attractions of the city and its unbeatable public transport.

EXPANISH is the first institution that is worth considering if you are looking to learn Spanish in Barcelona.

2. INSTITUTO eCenter

With years of experience in teaching Spanish, INSTITUTO eCenter is amongst the top places where you can learn this language. This Spanish School is amongst the leading ones in the country and is situated in Malaga. At INSTITUTO eCenter, the learning experience is sure to be of top quality. Apart from the academics, the comfortable accommodation, student activities, and facilitation in getting an internship by the institute is what makes this language school easily recommendable.

3. don Quijote

don Quijote is a respected name amongst the Spanish teaching schools and is also available in Spain. The organization has an experience of more than 30 years with various accreditations from all over the world. While there are numerous courses you can take up at don Quijote, the intensive Spanish 25 course is one of the most opted for classes by the students that help them get started with the Spanish language quickly. Within Spain, you can find its various learning destinations, including the provinces of Alicante, Barcelona, Cadiz, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Salamanca, Seville, Tenerife and Valencia.  

4. Taronja

Taronja is a trusted school to learn Spanish if you are looking for one in Valencia. Like don Quijote, it also has various intensive courses which the students can take up to learn Spanish quickly. The name of the intensive courses may sound like they leave you no time for self, but you will find that the timings of the classes are so well managed that you will not only learn the language effectively but also have the time to enjoy the beautiful city of Valencia. The duration of different courses may vary from weeks to months.

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5. Enforex

A Spanish course from Enforex can immensely boost your career. Enforex is located in Malaga, and the city is also an attraction for the students apart from learning. The teaching quality and experience are of high quality at Enforex. The teachers are friendly, approachable, and rightly qualified for their posts. Comfortable accommodation, active classes, and affordability of the courses are the highlights of Enforex. They are not only limited to teaching basic Spanish, but you can also learn Spanish literature and history from this school.

One tip that we would like to give you before choosing a course for yourself is to have a thorough check on accommodations and the payment periods of the courses as many new learners often miss out on the information and leading to confusion in the end. As for the quality of education is concerned, you can go to the schools mentioned above without any second thoughts.

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