Menstrual Cup Folding: Usage And Benefits

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A lot of females feel uneasy with traditional hygiene products such as pads or tampons. Water entering the vagina, cost, discomfort, etc are a few of the reasons why women want to switch to an alternative. If you’re one of these ladies, try using Lalicup’s menstrual cups. There are many reasons and benefits of using these cups. Also, there’s a lot of buzz about this Eco-friendly option. So let’s check how to use the menstrual cup folding and what its benefits are.

How does the menstrual cup work?

The small, versatile cup is made out of 100 percent medical-grade silicone. It contains no harmful BPA or latex. Rather than absorbing the flow like a pad or tampon, it catches and collects it. 

When your period is about to begin, tightly fold the cup and insert it without an applicator. It’s as simple as placing a diaphragm or birth control ring in place. However, make sure you’re handy with the menstrual cup folding. If you use it correctly, you won’t feel it. In case you feel it and experience some sort of discomfort, remove the cup and insert it again after folding it properly.

The cup will open and stay against the walls of the vagina. Essentially, the cup forms a seal to avoid leaks. As such, the blood drips and gets collected into the cup. Once your menstrual period is over, pull the stem of the cup sticking out of its bottom and pinch the base to release the seal. Finally, you may want to sterilize the cup in boiling water so that you can reuse it again.

Benefits of Lalicup’s menstrual cups


Lalicup’s menstrual cups can be used during traveling, sleeping, and other activities without any issue. Since the cup is made out of soft silicone, it doesn’t present any inconvenience or discomforting feel. Even inserting and removing the cup is effortless due to its soft and smooth edges.


Disposable pads and tampons have negative effects on the environment. Since these items are made out of latex or plastic, they’re difficult to reuse. Menstrual cups, on the other hand, are Eco-friendly in many respects. First of all, they aren’t made of plastic or latex. Secondly, they don’t harm your body in any manner. Above all, they can be reused again and again, thus averting the problem of waste resulting from so many cups.


Cost is a factor that affects any purchase decision, and it’s applicable to women’s hygiene products too. An average lady expends anywhere between 50 Euros to 120 Euros every year on traditional products such as tampons and pads. Lalicup’s menstrual cups let you save a great deal of money on your purchase. The reason is these cups are reusable. Consequently, you don’t have to spend money again and again on buying another cup. Once bought, you may use it for a long time without needing a replacement.

Bottom line

Thus, it gets crystal clear that Lalicup’s menstrual cups are a much better alternative to tampons and pads. Ease of usage, comfort, Eco-friendly, savings, etc are a few of the highlights of using menstrual cups. For these reasons, most of the modern women prefer this contemporary hygiene product over others.

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