Buying Your Daughter’s First Ever Bra: Things to Know


It is definitely going to be extremely tough to understand when your daughter needs her first ever bra. This experience is going to be emotional for you as well as your daughter and hence, you need to be sensitive when you are purchasing a bra for your daughter. You need to know that this is obviously one of the biggest milestones in the life of your little girl. Even you have been through the same process and you already know that it can be more emotional than what you can think. There are some girls, who will agree with the fact that it is time for them to get their first ever bra but there will be others, who will not be interested in going near a bra, even when the time is right. Both the reactions are absolutely normal.

You might also feel confused as a mother but you need to know that this experience can not only be pleasant but also fun if you know the right way of doing it. You do not have to worry about a daunting and painful bra shopping experience. Given below is a list of the things that you need to know when you are bra shopping with your daughter for the very first time.

Breast Buds

Breast buds are considered to be the first stages of development of the breast of a girl. This is going to happen when she is approaching puberty and this is also the first and most important sign that she is growing up. Lumps will start growing under the nipple. Some also report soreness and tenderness when the breasts start budding. This is extremely normal but there is a high chance that your daughter is going to feel conscious and have the feeling that her breasts are visible through the dress she is wearing. This is considered to be the ideal time to start a bra conversation with her.

With time, the nipples, as well as the areola, is also going to become big and dark in color. The breasts are going to start developing a lot more and are going to get a pointy shape.

The bra talk

There are many girls who are extremely eager to purchase their very first bra, especially if they have friends who have started wearing them or they have sisters, who are already wearing the bra for a really long time. On the other hand, you might find that your daughter does not even want to touch a bra despite the fact that it is time that she gets one. You have to be open-minded as well as understanding in order to ensure that you are handling this entire situation with a lot of sensitivity.

When girls start developing breasts, it is definitely going to be one of the most awkward situations for them. Many girls start losing their confidence, hunch over, prefer to stay away from sports, and also start comparing the bodies with their friends or siblings. It is crucial that you help your daughter to remain confident as well as comfortable with the changes that are happening. It is your duty to make her understand that she is embracing womanhood and this is probably one of the most beautiful phases of her life. There is no specific age for a girl to require a bra. Given below is a list of the situations that can state that it is time for you to get her very first bra.

  • When her breasts start developing.
  • When she starts noticing that her friends have started wearing a bra.
  • If she prefers to go for bra shopping.
  • If she starts showing discomfort.
  • When she is going to need extra support for her games.

A bra is responsible for making a girl comfortable when she is a part of the social groups, especially when she starts developing breasts. According to, girls can start developing their breasts at the young age of 8 years. However, the average age of wearing a bra is 11 years, but you also cannot deny the fact that the experience of each and every girl is going to be unique and different.

Shopping a bra for the first time

You already know that there are different kinds of bras, which might not be right for your daughter, especially because of her current age. There are numerous brands, who design bras for the teenagers, however, you need to understand that teenagers, who have started to develop breasts, do not need lace or push up bras at all. You can start researching at home and look at the different kinds of styles that are going to be ideal for your daughter.

You also need to consider the place where your daughter is going to wear a bra. It can be in her school, under her uniform or when she is playing sports. There are different types of bra options, which can be worn on a regular basis and also while playing any kind of sport. It is also important that you have a proper idea about the right size of your daughter because if she starts wearing a wrong bra right from the beginning, it can be painful for her.

Also, the wrong bra size can force her to face numerous health complications in the future. If you do not know how you can measure the size of your little girl, you can try the bra size calculator USA. The bra size calculators are going to help you in determining the exact size that your daughter requires. This is going to ensure that she is not going to face any kind of discomfort when she is wearing her bra normally or during a sports activity. Therefore, getting the right bra size for your daughter is imperative and you cannot afford to do a mistake.


It can be challenging to choose the appropriate bra for your daughter or to make her understand why she needs one. However, all you need to be is patient and it is going to be as smooth as butter. Also, ensure that you choose the right size for her so that complications can be avoided.

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