Stylish Arts from Prominent Artists in Florida Art Gallery

Minimalist people tend to choose minimal decorations inside their house to look more elegant and sassy.  Furniture may be less in their priorities in styling their homes, but commonly, stylish arts are used for streamers.  In doing so, blank spaces in the walls become more sophisticated and smart.  Well, if you are not yet fun of using arts as decorations in your home or office, the following prominent artists may give you a chance the change your mind.  Knowing the best stylish skills that may suit your standard in decoration can give your home another lens to view.

Do not worry about hiring artists to make your masterpiece. It is because the Mac Art Gallery has offered hundreds of options for the place you would like to color on through art. However, if customized paintings are what you look for, these multi-awarded and high-end artists from Florida Art Gallery can offer you more than what you have expected.  Take note of the following artists together with the stylish and creative arts they have made that is display-worthy in your home, room, or even office.

Foldart of Melanie Giguere

Melanie Giguere originally came from Quebec in Canada.  She is a passionate artist who pursued photography, fashion, and painting.  Her first step in the field of arts started after finishing her fine arts diploma.  After her academic rigors, she becomes a fashion designer in a renowned department store for several years up until she becomes prominent towards arts.  Her concepts in her field are more with the unique technique which is called the Foldart. 

The Foldart involved the manipulation and a technique of folding the canvas of her paintings during the process of creating it.  She added a sculptural element that allows a 3D aspect to what is essentially a 2D medium.  This endeavor becomes more possible through her constant probing of her natural desire and volume to manipulate raw materials.  By doing such, it makes her developed a unique technique of work of art.  The Foldart technique she made animates the subject.  Added into it is a dynamic element that strives to break free from the clutches of a periodic frame.

Yellow Garden (a mixed media on canvas) of Vicente Dopico Lerner

Vicente Dopico Lerner is born in Havana and lived in Miami.  He had traveled throughout the Caribbean since 1965.  He achieved numerous affiliations starting in 1974.  The model Dopico-Lerner is the author of several essays on Latin American and Cuban in the Dominican Encyclopedia of Fine Arts.   In terms of museum arts, his works become intriguing which captivated viewers for decades.  He won several awards already.  He also participated in more 50 group and individual excellent art exposition that brought him to the limelight of this career.

In his work of art, his oil on canvas paintings and watercolors on paper have given expressive and symbolic clues to the inner soul.  The restless spirals lose.  However, it gained clarity as the artist spontaneously created a state of emotion.  The figures and faces which are sculpted in the art become an illusion because it conveys both human and animal characteristics which are open to the whole universe.  Further, there are bodies, some are fragmented, and yet some are full, these have no apparent physical limitation.  In his work of art, there are subtle concepts that seem to occur or reoccur.

Safe in my Garden of Theresa Girard

Theresa Girard is admitted that she does not fit into a traditional role.  She is a native of Providence RI.  Her involvement in the arts started at an early age.  Upon studying in the early 20th Century for contemporary artists, she had crafted her style of modern art and abstract expressionism.  Further, she is an educator and a color expert for a large manufacturing company.  Within the credentials she had built, she becomes the founder and the former Art Director of Access to Art – a community based exceptional art program. 

In her masterpieces, she painted more with minimal designs.  Calmness and rejuvenation can be inferred with the arts she had mastered.  As she revealed, upon her approach in the canvas, she is unsure if the process of the masterpiece would become heavily marked, textured, or quiet because she is searching for a presence of paint.  At the same time, conflict in either bold or color is subdued.  These works of arts have been featured in several national publications already including The Artist Magazine, Palette Magazine, Florida Design, Gulfshore Life, Elle Décor, Art Collector, and Architectural Digest.


The given arts together with the prominent artists become more refined with their masterpieces.  Plenty of people have focused on the usage of skills in their respective places because it gives more attraction.  Giving yourself a chance to grab one of these arts may fulfill your desire to have a beautiful place to live

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