Top reasons for learning Spanish this year

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Spanish is one of the most important languages ​​in Europe and the world.

We know that in middle school or high school, some students may have trouble understanding why it is wise to learn Spanish lessons well. Yet, it would be to miss a rich language, beautiful and spoken by a warm population, in a welcoming country. Intensive Spanish Course Spain maybe are great idea for considering this Summer! You can take a page or two from the experiences of professional Spanish translators on how to learn Spanish in a fun yet enriching manner whether you’re at home or in a Spanish-speaking country/environment.

This article to know everything about the Spanish language.

3 points that will make you want to learn Spanish

1. It would be a shame not to go to Spain

It is enough for you a few hours of car (or plane) to be in Madrid or Barcelona. Party-goers will also love to spend their holidays in the sun in Ibiza.

So, if you like the sun, the party and the good gastronomy: Spain is a country that you must discover.

Whether to spend your holidays or to stay during a longer or shorter stay, learning Spanish will help you to exchange more easily with the local population. Intensive Spanish Immersion Programs can provide of excellent tools for enjoying great holidays in Ibiza.

2. Ideal to discover the local culture

Spanish is a language that opens up many professional opportunities. Do you know that Spanish is the 3rd world language?

3. Learn a language: the best way to exercise your brain

Finally, if you are looking for an activity to stimulate your brain activity, learning Spanish online or with a teacher is a great idea.

Of course, if you have the time and the desire, you can also learn German, learn Russian or learn French. But focus first on learning one language (Spanish)!

Since the brain is an organ that requires training, practicing memorizing new terms and speaking in a new language is an excellent exercise to do on a daily basis.

Is it really useful to know how to speak Spanish?

Aside from spending your holidays and learning a new language, will taking Spanish classes serve you?

And the answer is YES!

  • Yes, because Spanish will be a huge plus on your resume.
  • Yes, because Spanish is the official language of many fast-growing countries.
  • And yes, finally, because it will help you travel around the world easily.

Spanish lies just behind Mandarin Chinese (spoken only in China) and English (the international reference language).

As you travel around the world, you will find that many countries speak Spanish as an official language.

Among the Spanish-speaking countries, we find:

  • Spain (obviously);
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica

And among the countries hosting a large Hispanic community:

  • The United States hosts 41 million Hispanics;
  • Brazil (460,000);
  • Canada (439,000);
  • Australia (100,000);
  • Japan (108,000).

Wherever you go, you will inevitably meet Spanish speakers. That’s why it’s always helpful to learn to speak Spanish to communicate easily.

Whether you want to learn Spanish in Spain or develop your language skills while traveling, the Spanish language will always be useful.

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How to learn a technical and professional Spanish?

If you find yourself in the situation where you have to work in Spain or with Spanish contacts, you will have to improve quickly in this language.

Several solutions are available to you. The first of these: take language classes in an organization or at home.

With a bilingual teacher or native of Spain, you will have plenty of time to study Spanish vocabulary at your own pace and to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate level, you can easily find a teacher near you for private lessons.

Another solution: make a language stay in a Spanish-speaking country, simply. This is, in our opinion, the most effective method. Still have to leave for several months and immerse yourself completely in the country.

This can be a trip to Spain or Latin America. And why not take the opportunity to discover Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic?

Your mission will be to work on site (in conventional contract or internship) in the branch that concerns you.

Try to find out from specialized organizations in Spanish course

By doing this you can proudly display on your CV that you are fluent in Spanish or that you are bilingual French / Spanish.

This is a good way to stand out from the competition and to see the doors of big Spanish companies open such as:

  • Desigual (textile);
  • Dia (food);
  • Mango (textile);
  • Zara (textile);
  • Etc.

What good reasons to put yourself to a professional Spanish learning!

Birth and evolution of Spanish in Spain and around the world

The history of the Spanish language is as exciting as it is rich in twists and turns.

The beginnings of the Spanish language could go back to the 8th century. Previously, the Roman invasion of the Iberian Peninsula allowed the emergence of vulgar Latin in the region (which then gave birth to Castilian).

Then, in the 8th century, Spain was a largely Muslim territory (especially the south). In the north, Spain was Christian.

Between 711 and 1492, we talk about the Reconquista. The northern Christian states embarked on the reconquest of the territories conquered by the southern Muslims. They expelled most Muslims from Spain and imposed their religion and language.

In 1492, Columbus embarked on the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean on behalf of the Spanish crown. This great journey allows him to discover America. Which explains why a large part of South America speaks Spanish.

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