How to Update Investor Hedge Fund Data Any Time, Anywhere


If you manage hedge funds, then you probably have a significant number of investors competing for your attention, asking for updates and wanting to know about the performance of their funds.

Hedge funds are currently under a great deal of scrutiny. Many funds underperformed traditional benchmarks during the first half of 2014, according to CNB . While any investment manager understands that this is something that will happen from time to time, the headlines are enough to worry a lot of private investors. Given the current economic climate, hedge fund managers must work hard to reassure existing investors and keep them informed. They must also market their funds as effectively as possible to those who are thinking of testing the waters.

CRM for Fund Managers

You can use hedge fund marketing software to manage your leads and to keep investors informed. As more and more fund managers are starting to become mobile workers, hedge fund software has started to adapt to the mobile office lifestyle. It is now possible to use this software on the move, combining local data and cloud storage to ensure that wherever you are and whatever you need to know, the data is at your fingertips.

What to Look for in Hedge Fund Software

There are a number of different hedge fund marketing software products from which to choose, and not all hedge fund sales software is created equal. When selecting hedge fund software, some important features to look for include an investor portal that empowers your investors to check up on their portfolios for themselves, third-party platform integration, a mobile interface for accessing basic data, strong localisation features for international fund managers and good pipeline management.

Depending on how your workforce is structured, and the size of your business, you may want to opt for a locally hosted CRM system, or you may prefer a cloud-based system. According to and other respected sources, cloud technology is now both affordable and reliable. However, there are still some companies that prefer the additional control of having a self-hosted solution. The choice is really a matter of personal preference and financial criteria.

Using hedge fund sales software will make it far easier for you to get information about the performance of investor funds on demand and to update the sales and customer service pipeline in real time. You can log calls as they are made, save correspondence alongside an individual’s account and have all of the interactions relating to an individual stored in an easy to access and searchable form for future reference.

Fund managers face more challenges today than ever before. Investors have an unprecedented number of options, and if you want to make sure that they choose your firm, then you must be seen to offer something that they cannot get elsewhere. Since no one can promise a definite return, one of the best ways in which to differentiate your offering is quality of service, and that is precisely where good CRM software comes into play.

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