How to use live chat to get more sales from your Shopify Store

Sales are the main focus of every business. You can be running a medieval styled artifact shop somewhere in Chicago or managing an ecommerce business from Beijing, you need to get some sales to survive and thrive in the market. 

The first goal is to get some visitors in your store and the second one is to convert them into customers. You can use the methods like SEO or simply go for paid ads to get some visitors. An online marketing agency or medium can only send targeted customers to your website. However, the actual conversions depend on your products and business. 

We are going to focus on the second one in this article.  

Live chat plays a vital role when it comes to conversions. All that online traffic which is diverted to your website isn’t going to turn into customers, unless they feel assured of your business’ credibility. To increase credibility of your business and inculcate the element of loyalty inpotential customers, you can make use of live chat software and plugins as they can help you increase the online sales. 

Live chat isn’t just a feature which needs to be added to your website to make it look attractive. Rather, its purpose should be toengage with your existingand potential customers. This will build publictrust in your brand. And as a result, your overall sales will increase. 

Further in this article, we have briefly discussed three ways with which the live chat feature can help you to increase sales on your online stores. 

Improve customer service

While usinglive chat, your basic aim should be to improve your customer service. If your customers are satisfied with your services, then they are likely to shop from your online store time and again. This will automatically increase your sales.

Live chat allows you to engage with your clients in real time. You can, therefore, talk to them, listen to their quarries and then help solve them out. Quicker the response of your team to a message received via live chat, better the levels of your customer service would be; and better will be the levels of satisfaction of your customers. 

This is a sure short way of keep your customer base intact and thriving. And, the result of such an outcome is very obvious in the form of increased sales. 

Build loyal customer base

Consider yourself as anindividual who just bought something over the internet, per saya drone to shoot wildlife, but you do not understand how to operate the thing because the whole manual is in Chinese or Japanese. In such a scenario, you would definitely want someone to help you out because you desperately want to fly that drone. Now, what would you do is simply send a message through the live chat feature to the retailer you bought it from, if they have one on their website. If the retailer, who sold you the drone,responds to your problem promptly and helps you fly that drone, you would definitely want to engage with such a seller time and again.

Now consider yourself to be that online retailer and your customers to be the guywho bought a drone(or whatever you sell)from your online store. Your customers certainly would expect you to help them out whenever they land in trouble. And if you do so, which you should, your sales on your online store will start increasing rapidly. 

So, knowing the pain points of your customers and sorting them out would make your online store a first choice for any individual. This will ensure a long list of satisfied and loyal customers. 

Find solutions and implement 

As we have mentioned above, listeningto problems of your customers and then sorting them out should be given central importance in ecommerce strategies. Therefore, you need to pin point the bottlenecks and pain points where amajority of your customers find themselvesstuck, and then you need to find adequate solutions for such pain points and implement them. For example, if you are receiving same complaintfrom multiple customers then that’s a pain point which needs to be addressed. So, a solution to such aninconvenience should be devised at the earliest and then implemented accordingly. This will also increase the prospects of increasedsales for your online business. 

When such effortsare carried on your part, your business’ credibility is increased amongst your customers. Consequently, they give you honest reviews, referrals, share pictures and stories about your products, and also tell about them to their friends. Thus, new potential customers are also added to the list. This increases the prospects high sales on your online store to many folds. 

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