5 reasons you should be wearing black more often

Ditching the mainstream questions that are raised while wearing black like, “Are you heading to a funeral?” or “Are you celebrating some kind of grief?” we have grasped the convincing facts about how wearing black can entirely improve your life and if you too are not very fond of black then, by the end of this article, you would have a totally different and positive perspective about embracing this shade of perfection.

  1. V is for Versatility

I mean there is not a single color that fits every occasion as perfectly as BLACK. It is amazingly adaptable. Without a second thought you can always don Black attire for actually, any event be it a casual gathering, or a formal meeting, a dance party, or a funeral, at airports or at weddings, the fact is that we can barely think about any event for which wearing black would be inappropriate.

In the current fashion trends, even brides have started wearing black wedding gowns with contrast emeralds and stones and I think there could be nothing sexier than this!

  1. Black is not a racist color

There are certain colors that don’t suit very fair complexion or doesn’t go with the dull complexions, but when you say BLACK it is for EVERYONE! LOL!

The biggest and most loveable fact about the color is that it just works for everyone regardless of status, religions, races, nationalities, and genders. Even it makes you look smarter and perfectly fit your personality no matter what size or shape you are.

  1. Simple yet classy

It is hard to find something to wear which remains simple and yet look classy and fashionable. When choosing the black color to where you can always ensure the fashionista look while staying elegant. It creates this positive aura around and reflects a nice graceful personality of yourself. According to us, simplicity is the actual sophistication and black is the definition of simple and classic lifestyle.

  1. Stains? What Stains?

The super hack to get less noticed while staining yourself from the greasy oil that came out of nowhere or maybe dropped ketchup from the burger or even the split red juice is to wear black! The darkness of the shade make the stains look less noticeable and you can freely enjoy the rest of the event even while getting your dress stained at the beginning.

So, if you too are worried about your look for some special occasion and doubt your messy personality than make sure to grab your favorite black dress. You can also avail these as awesome as black color Hush promo code to get enjoy off on your purchase.

  1. Keeping it Moderate!

When having your black dress on, you don’t need to worry about looking overdressed or underdressed. It gives this perfectly moderate look to your personality and easily gets in contrast with any theme. Use Modcloth promo code to shop the modern clothing and stop worrying about the signature look for a themed party and show them that you are a Fashion chameleon in your own way and you can still rock while being unique among them.


You are highly convinced to add more of the black to your fashion wardrobe, right? Well, that’s what we promised at the beginning of this article! Apart from the above-mentioned facts there are still a lot more pros of wearing this dark shade like not getting noticed of wearing the same jeans and tops again, it is hard to tell if you are wearing branded or unbranded clothes unless you have a logo because black clothes almost look the same and etc. Have got a friend who is against black outfits? So, stop waiting and start recommending your friends to read this piece of content from a black lover himself.

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