PitStopArabia – a Trusted and Authorized Car Tyre Dealer in UAE

If you own a car, you are likely to have gone through the process of buying tyres for your car. For most car owners, the experience is nothing short of a headache. Why? While buying cars tyres, you are bombarded with opinions of friends and family, the local mechanic, while your own Google search tells an entirely different story. 

While buying car tires in UAE like conditions is an even more harrowing experience. It is simply because conditions like that of Dubai require complete research to be undertaken to ensure that the tyres are in sync with road conditions and other overall weather. Already, there have been many deaths and severe injuries in Dubai and the rest of the UAE due to the poor quality of the tyres.

The Department of Transport has warned drivers to check the quality of their tyres before getting on the roads. The inferior quality tyres not only put your own life at risk but pedestrians and other drivers as well. Therefore, the process of buying car tires in Dubai becomes even more critical let alone harrowing. Many people are left asking the question, ‘What is the solution to this problem?’.

There are multiple answers to this question. One solution is to buy the same tyres that your car was fitted within the factory when the car was manufactured. These are called original equipment (OE) tyres. Another choice is to head to a renowned tyre dealer shop that can decide on your behalf. The third option is to seek one of the most trusted, authorised, and growing car tyres dealers in the UAE – PitStopArabia.


What Is It?

PitStopArabia is a growing online car tyre dealer in the UAE. It is an initiative undertaken to provide a quality experience to car owners looking to buy car tyres. The business was set up in April 2015 and has grown considerably over the years. What makes PitStopArabia unique is the idea that it provides car tyres online from all major brands under one platform.

The world’s most renowned car tyre brands such as Michelin, Yokohama, Bridgestone tires, Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental and many others can be found at PitStopArabia. Presently, it is offering 30+ brands and 300+ tyres. Do not be let down if you own a small, mid-size or a big SUV as the 300+ tyres come in nearly all sizes.

It has all the sizes and tyres that a person residing in the UAE can think of or need. If you are fond of driving in the desert or high-speed cruising on the highways, PitStopArabia will not disappoint you. You can select any tyre from their website and have them installed anywhere at your convenience.

Why Select It?

Well for one, it has proven that the customer is truly the only success metric for the company. Instead of relying on profits, return on investment, or other financial metrics, customer’s satisfaction is the basis against which the company performance is measured. If the customer is unsatisfied, no matter how high the profit, the company regards it as poor performance.

1.      Quality

Apart from this, another reason to opt for PitStopArabia is that the tyres are procured directly from authorised dealers. In simpler terms, the warranty is not void, and buyers can even make a claim directly with the manufacturer. Therefore, in case of a product recall, buyers will be notified, something which unauthorised dealers cannot give to their customers. 

2.      Pricing

Pricing is another major reason which factors heavily into the growth of the business and its popularity among car owners. The company offers tyres at lower rates than the rest of the market. How is it able to keep prices low, some might ask? The answer is that the company procures tyres directly, eliminating intermediaries. This helps keep cost low.

Moreover, the company does not engage in traditional advertising which is associated with huge costs. Instead, the company relies on the online marketing of its product, which is a cheaper and effective form of advertisement. Lastly, the business is online based, i.e. the company does not own a shop from which it operates, thereby, saving costs on rent and maintenance.

3.      Professionals

The company employs professionals who serve to guide individuals on selecting the right tyres for their cars. These professionals have years of experience under their belt and can help you make the right choice. The company also runs a call centre to help its customers quickly and effectively by directing their calls to the professionals.

4.      Convenience At Your Doorstep

The company offers its services throughout the UAE. A unique point of the business is that it offers to install your new tyres at your home or office. 95% of the orders are processed and completed on the same day of receiving the order. They also dispose of your old tyres in an environment-friendly process.

Moreover, the company also has selected many installers throughout the UAE. Customers can visit their nearest installer for installing their new tyres or having the quality of their current tyres checked by professionals. The installers have been selected based on their ability and professionalism.

5.      Freedom of Choice

As mentioned earlier, the company offers 30+ brands and 300+ tyres in all sizes. Therefore, if the car owner prefers any brand, the company provides all the top brands to choose from. Also, it offers all tyre sizes. Moreover, PitStopArabia caters to all types of cars, including passenger, ultra-high-performance cars, SUV, CUV, truck, and more.


PitStopArabia is a growing force in the car tyre business in the UAE. It is gaining customer confidence because of its professionalism, convenience, choice and ability to meet customer needs. The company is a welcome entry, as customers have long suffered from wrong advice of the so-called ‘tyre experts’ or through their own bad choices. As the company continues to extend professional advice to its customers, the risk of accidents and deaths associated with car tyres will be reduced.

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