How to Check Baby Fever with Digital Thermometer?

Fever thermometer

To check the temperature of your baby by using a thermometer can help you to treat the illness of fever. The temperature of your baby gets high generally because of an infection. When you are going to use any kind of thermometer, then at first make sure that you can read and follow the instructions which are provided with the thermometer. In today’s world, the most used thermometer is digital thermometer. We have brought this article to you guys to know how to check fever with digital thermometer. From article, you will also get to know when you should call a doctor due to the increased temperature of your baby.

At first, we will discuss with you the normal baby temperature. Normal baby temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius (°C) or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). The baby temperature of a person often gets up or down from ½ to 1 °C or 1 to 2 °F. Our baby temperature gets increased during the day and gets decreased in the morning. It increases at the higher level in the evening or late afternoon.

How to Check Baby Fever with Digital Thermometer?

The digital thermometer is the most used and popular thermometer because one can get accurate and fast readings with it. These thermometers are available in different kinds of sizes and shapes at drug stores, grocery stores, and department stores. You can follow these 3 ways to use a digital thermometer:

  • Rectal (in the bottom)
  • Axillary (under the arm)
  • Oral (in the mouth)

Remember one thing, you should never use the same thermometer for the mentioned three ways because then your health will be at risk.

Ways to Take Temperature Orally with a Digital Thermometer

  • Washing hands properly with soap and warm water.
  • Using a cleaned thermometer which should be cleaned very carefully.
  • Not eating or drinking anything before taking your baby temperature for at least 5 minutes. Keeping mouth closed during measuring the temperature.
  • Putting the tip of the thermometer under the tongue.
  • For about 40 seconds, put the thermometer at the same place.
  • The symbol of F (or C) will be flushing during measuring and the readings will also continue to increase.
  • After finishing measuring temperature, you should clean the thermometer with cold water and alcohol.

When You Should Call a Doctor?

You should call a doctor if your body has a temperature of 100.4° F or 38° C or more. At this temperature, you should not take any chance instead of calling a doctor.

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