All You Need To Know About Temporary Hair Colour

Temporary Hair Colour

Don’t we all just love experimenting with our hair colour? It’s fun, it’s different, and it’s all you need to make a total style makeover! As amazing as that sounds, when it comes to the idea of actually colouring our hair, there are a lot of apprehensions and doubts attached with it. While the changes are anything but permanent, subjecting those precious locks to the harmful effects of all those chemicals comes with its own set of worries. Let alone the doubt about whether the hair colour will actually suit you or not. But we now have an answer for all your hair colour woes, that is, temporary hair colour! So here is everything you need to know about it!

What Is Temporary Hair Colour?

For the uninitiated, temporary hair colour is a hair colour solution that allows you to experiment with your hair colour choices as they last for a fairly small period of time. The duration of a typical temporary hair colour varies from as short as one wash to lasting up to 6 weeks. It comes in various forms, such as cream, gel, or spray, and in almost all shades to satisfy all your style quirks!


While the durability of a lot of hair colours depends on a number of factors like length, health, and texture of the hair, it also depends on the kind of hair colour you are going for. For instance, darker tones like reds, greens, and blues tend to wash off more quickly as compared to shades of honey, brown, and blonde. However, the one thing that is common across all temporary hair colour solutions is that they don’t penetrate the hair cortex to impart staining, and thus prevent permanent colour change to the hair. So temporary hair colour stays along the shaft of the hair and starts fading off right from the first cycle of shampoo.

Temporary Hair Colour Durability

How Does Temporary Hair Colour Work?

Since temporary hair colour is only meant to last for a couple of washes, the application process is fairly simple. It is basically a temporary coating of colour on the outer cuticle of the hair and is applied directly to the hair shaft. Owing to its short lifespan, it is applied without the need of a developer and starts fading just after one or two washes. However, the longevity does depend upon how porous your hair actually is. So, temporary hair colour simply works by imparting hair colour along the surface of the hair shaft, instead of penetrating inside the hair.

Benefits of Temporary Hair Colour

Needless to say, temporary hair colour comes with a number of benefits that have made it a go-to choice for a number of women:

  • It lends your hair a natural colour since it is applied to your hair without bleaching them.
  • It is easy to use since it does not require mixing with any other product and can be applied directly from the applicator. So you don’t need to spend hours googling how to apply temporary hair colour, just apply it directly!
  • Since it is ammonia-free, it doesn’t harm the natural colour and texture of your hair and keeps it free from harmful chemicals that are otherwise present in permanent hair colour.
  • It is good for those who like to experiment with their hair colour. The best temporary hair colours, however, are the ones that are nearest to your natural shade.

So now that you know everything about hair colours, what are you waiting for?

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