Why Are We Lazy?

Although there have been many attempts to try to explain the causes of laziness, let me tell you it has something to do with motivation. You know the case, when deep inside you know you have to do something, but you prefer to do other things instead, perhaps waiting for some kind of inspiration in order to make it right.

Besides, you do know that the world is not going to end if you don’t do what you’re avoiding.

Time is ticking and you see that task is not done yet.

It Happens to Everyone!

How many times have you seen people staring blankly at a screen, be it a computer, a cell phone or a videogame console? I have noticed that there is a pattern in what they do. Mostly, they are doing one of these things: using social networks, watching a movie or playing videogames. What do these activities have in common? They are pleasant or easy activities that they can engage in without using much of their brains. Also, they could use that time to learn something or acquire new knowledge, but very few people actually do it.

Endless Tips

There have been much discussion about laziness, its causes and ways to cure it. The Internet is full of articles, videos and pages treating that topic, but most of those tips are fairly useless. Why? Because they ignore the main cause of laziness and, more importantly, how to defeat it.

It All Begins with Motivation

As I’ve said before, laziness has everything to do with motivation. This reminds me of a joke where a guy asks his friend: “Hey, will you help me carry 100 pounds of weight?” The other one answers: “If it’s a gorgeous woman, of course! If it’s just random junk, no!”

Well, let’s better see the main types of motivation we’re going to deal with: negative and positive.

Negative Motivation

It’s when a deadline is about to be met and there’s nothing you can do about it. The situation asks for immediate action. It’s similar to what happens in the natural world. An animal cannot be lazy. It has to spend its entire life searching for food or avoiding predators. It’s a very instructive lesson on taking action. As you see, the motivation here is negative because it requires action just to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Positive Motivation

This is the one I love best. Positive motivation is when you do things without being forced to, because you really want to do them. When does that happen? When you have a very important reason deep inside you. When you have a life purpose, when you have dreamed your ideal life and every step you take advances you toward that goal.

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So, the solution to the “laziness” problem comes straight from this concept. You have to create the life of your dreams and you will not feel lazy knowing that every obstacle you face brings that dream closer.

OK. I’m up for That. Now Tell Me What I Can Do.

If you have gotten to this part of the article, I think you suspect what I will suggest. You could do two things:

-You wait until the last moment and, only then, take action to avoid future trouble.

But I think you better do this:

-You create a life purpose, a lifelong goal that will motivate you to keep going forward even in the hardest times. Every time you feel apathy or laziness hunting you, remember this powerful vision of the life you want to live and it will support you all along.

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