House of Esperanto – Where Your Dream Modern Accent Chair Lives

It takes just one accent chair to completely elevate the style of a room and add personality to your space. The modern accent chairs at House of Esperanto UK will not only do this, but they will give you comfort that has come to be a trademark in every piece of furniture. The company relishes in creating furniture that not only meets the clients’ needs but is so durable that they do not have to worry about new purchases every now and again.

In a market that is filled with retailers of accent chairs, House of Esperanto stands out for many reasons:

Creative designs

The designs at House of Esperanto have no match. The design team draws its inspiration from various parts of the world and incorporate them into the overall layout of the seats. Theyinstil contemporary styles and trends while still maintaining that appeal of the traditional accent chairs – a balance only House of Esperanto can do well. The team revels in experimenting with different fabric, structures, silhouette and colours to give a complete luxury look which suits the different tastes of our highly discerning and highly specific clients. A modern accent chair from House of Esperanto is a stand-out in every room, all thanks to the creative designs. 

Not Scared of Colours 

House of Esperanto loves experimenting with colors. Carefully crafted chairs feature both nude colors and bold, statement colors which command the room and add life to it. The color schemes though bold, are practical to a fault and are blended with wood and metal or both, for an overall defined finish. Whether you need a chair for your room or your office, you will get something that has been made for you. 

Your Comfort is Key

At House of Esperanto, clients’ comfort is the company’s priority. All the designs are meant to make your accent chair a little home within your room or office, one that you can retire to when you need to relax. The materials are sourced from far and wide to ensure the seats of the chairs are comfortable and homely, firm but not so hard that they hurt.


House of Esperanto invests in quality, quality results in durability. A seat from them will last you years because they only choose the best materials to work with. Be it an accent chair with wooden or metal finishing, all materials have been treated to withstand the elements, wear and tear. They are also easy to maintain and clean, thus adding even more to their durability.

So the next time you want to give your room a facelift, why not try House of Esperanto? The prices are reasonable and the quality is unmatched. Deliveries are fast and very efficient. You can look through the House of Esperanto website for the frequently updated pictures of the modern and luxury furniture in stock.

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