How to Choose the Best Barbecue for Your Family

Are you even a Kiwi if you don’t have a or another brand of barbecue? Are you a Kiwi if you have never attended an event involving a barbecue, friends, and family? A barbecue is a right of passage and the symbolism of Kiwiana. It’s also something that takes pride of place in your yard in those warm summer months.

Mum’s preparing salad in the kitchen, dad’s burning the steak, and the kids are crying over who’s going down the waterslide first. A barbecue is a symbol of New Zealand, summer, and love for friends and family.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got the whole tradition right. Do you have the best barbecue? Do you need a helping hand to find it? Below, you can learn all about how to choose the best barbecue for your family.

1. Consider Your Barbecuing Environment

Every barbecue is different because every environment you will use them in is as well. Take the Weber BBQ range, for example. You can buy a small kettle grill for a small family or couple, and it will be suitable for your needs. You can then upgrade to a large family-sized model as your family expands. If you’re going away on a camping trip, there’s a Weber BBQ model to suit that experience too.

When the time comes to buy a new BBQ, think about where you are likely to use it. There are barbecues for home use, travel, camping, and even built-in options to add a sense of elegance to your outdoor dining area.

2. Know How Many People You Need to Feed

When you browse through all the available BBQ options, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. The selection is massive! An excellent way to narrow down those options is by considering how many people you usually feed.

The average NZ family has 2.7 people, but that doesn’t mean they all do. If you often get guests or people dropping by, then a Weber BBQ or another brand with room to serve four people at a minimum should be on the shopping list.

However, if you only drag the barbecue out for big family affairs, then don’t be afraid to invest in something a little bigger to cater to the masses. The bigger the grill, the more you can cook at once.

3. Factor In What and How You Cook

Every cook has their specialty, and preparing it on a barbecue is no different. Before you add a new Weber BBQ, or another type, to your shopping cart, think about what you usually whip up at a moment’s notice. The answer can determine the best barbecue for your needs.

If you love cooking with charcoal and developing flavours, for example, then you’d choose something like the Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Centre. If you like to try a bit of everything and so does the family, then the Weber Family Q with a generous 2,400 cm2 cooking area might tick all the boxes.

4. Set a Budget

The average Kiwi earns around $50,000 every year, which means a budget can dictate the type of barbecue you buy. Fortunately, there are many brands such as Weber BBQ with affordable price tags that match the value of the product.

Before you go shopping, decide how much you want to spend. Is it time to break out the Christmas bonus from last year? Will the kids mind if you chip into their university fund? Once you have a budget agreed upon by everyone in the family, you will find it’s easier to shop. You can cancel out all those options that don’t fit within it, with a focus on the ones that do.

5. Know the Features You Want

Because the barbecue market is extraordinarily vast, you can find yourself lost in the masses of options. An easy way of narrowing it down, along with your budget, is by establishing the features you need to have. Does it have to be able to roast a chicken? Does it have to be gas or charcoal? Should it be portable?

Longevity matters as well. Make sure the barbecue you buy is one that can withstand regular use. It should resist rust as much as possible, and have instructions for how to care for it. When you buy premium products such as Weber BBQs, you’ll find they cover many of those bases.


Summer is not over until you’ve had at least one barbecue lunch or dinner. If that takes until winter, then so be it! There’s nothing more rewarding than whiling away the summer holidays around a barbecue. Bring out the sausages, prepare the coleslaw, and have the tomato sauce at the ready. It’s time to buy the best barbecue for your family and prepare for a summer to remember.

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