4 Types of Wedding Shoes for the Bride

On your dreamy big day when you want everything to be perfect your shoes should not be the reason for your worry. Besides looking nothing less than sublime, your wedding shoes must be of superior quality to keep you uber-comfortable on your D-day which is not going to be a short one by any means. So, here are 5 different options you can choose from keeping in mind the different aspects of your wedding, personal style and personality.

The classic pumps

Nothing speaks tasteful glamour louder than a pair of elegant pumps. You can opt for a timeless look with a pair of pumps in ivory satin which imparts a divine sheen to the shoe perfect for a traditional wedding. A kitten heel will be perfect to add that oomph without going overboard. However, if you want a little bling then you can opt for ones with a smart bejewelled buckle or a touch of intricate rhinestone work. 

The Strappy Sandals

Want to show off your beautifully pedicured feet on your wedding day? Then, there is nothing better than a pair of strappy sandals to adorn them. Go for a scintillating look with a pair of stilettos with twinkling crystal work on them and when the light falls on the right angle your feet will be wrapped in stars while you dance away. It is always a wise idea to go for stilettos with ankle straps for that added support which you will definitely need on your wedding day. What more? You can save these shoes for future clubbing nights and parties so these babies are not a regrettable one time investment for sure.

The ballerina belle

Whether you want to dance away the entire night without having to wake up with painful blisters the next morning or have decided to have an enchanting outdoor wedding, ballerina shoes will be your best friend. Their flat soles with no heels make them the most comfortable when it comes to shoes. You can find them in classic materials such as glossy satins and sexy laces as well as in trendy mesh material which is a very pretty way to give a peek-a-boo feet moment. Ballerina’s are, especially, a great option for those who have a very tall frame and do not wish to add any more inches or for those who want stylish comfort over anything.

The wedge wonder

For those of you who want the comfort of a ballerina but also a few inches added to their height, say “Hi” to the wonderful wedges. A wedge heel is basically a triangular heel which is narrower at the apex and wider at the bottom which is the part that sits at your heel. The specific shape of the heel gives your feet an incredible amount of support without looking bulky like a platform heel could. You can find strappy sandals, closed toe shoes as well as preppy peep toes with a wedge heel for your wedding day. So, be sure to be spoilt for choice.

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