Why The People Should Read The Famous Story ‘A Rose For Emily’

A rose for Emily is written by William Faulkner which is a short story and it was published in 1930. The story was written in the fictional city of Faulkner in the southern county and it was also printed in the national magazine. The story is presented in a very beautiful way that shows the beliefs, culture, and norms of Southern town where Emily lived. The writer showed the concept of the story in a different way and he used beautiful themes so that everyone can understand the main idea of the story. Emily lived a very protected life because of her father who was a strong and powerful person in the town. The story was written after the civil war, so the concept of war is also described in it.

The character of Emily in the story:

The story is about the birth of Emily, the development and view of urban inhabitants. The whole story described Emily whose family is very strong and powerful, but they have no way to save the life of Emily. In the story, Emily is basically a southern woman who lives in the town and the roses show the secret between the narrator and Emily. The rose is the secrecy of the whole secret Emily’s life which was kept by the narrator in her life. A rose for Emily is a is very painful and dark story which has the death of rotation.  

Importance of story by the people

The story that is happened in South is a very famous story of American writer Faulkner that is loved by many readers and they gave very positive feedback about the story. According to people, the story arose their emotions and feelings and they become emotional after reading the concept defined in the story. The story starts from the birth of Emily and ends in her death which shows a dark side in the story.

Nature of Emily in the story                                            

In the story ‘A rose for Emily’, the nature of Emily is very different, she was not social, and she didn’t have social skills which are very necessary at that time and every woman in the town had social skills, but Emily lacks social abilities. Emily refused to change her personality and she had a bitter personality, she also didn’t like other cities. Emily has the white dominance which shows her supremacy in the town, she is a very powerful lady of the town and has the supreme authority on the people of the town. One day the members of the town agreed to introduce the system of postal so that they can receive the post easily, but Emily refused and didn’t allow the town for the postal system because she didn’t want to connect with other states and its people. People of the town put the mailboxes outside Emily’s house. The sudden death of Emily was the shock for every person in the town as she faced mental illness in her life which leads to death.

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