Making the Most of Small Spaces: Master bedroom design

Just because you are living in a small space it doesn’t mean that you should be restricted in terms of your design. Designing a large space or a small one is based on the same principles. You just need to have an eye for what and doesn’t work for that room.

A small space doesn’t have to be a big challenge, here are some tips for living large in a smaller area.

The right light

The amount of daylight that you have flowing into a room can make all the difference and trick the eye into thinking that the space is larger than it is. Try to skip on the blackout blinds, keep your window treatments light and airy to make sure you have the same effect on the room. While daylight is best if your room needs a little extra light, choosing the best artificial lighting for your space can open it up too. Floor and table lamps don’t always work for the smallest of spaces, string lights and pendant lighting are great for adding a little warmth to your bedroom.

Using mirrors

Mirrors are so useful for a number of reasons, particularly when it comes to small spaces. When placed in the right position they can help to bounce natural daylight around your room, opening up your space even further and making it appear lighter and brighter, which is a typical larger room trait. In addition to their light reflecting qualities, they can trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is. By mirroring the existing room in front of it it can appear as if the room continues on beyond the wall that the mirror is sitting on.

Getting creative with storage

Try to pick pieces of furniture that can double up as storage. Think bedside tables with drawers instead of just having a table top. An ottoman bed from a company such as Divan Beds Centre is perfect, you can store anything in the bed from linens and towels to extra clothes you can’t fit in your wardrobe. Having the right storage will mean that you can keep your room nice and tidy. An abundance of clutter can really hinder your room and make it look smaller than it is, having as much open space as possible will really help in making your room appear larger.

Keep large furniture to the perimeter

Even though you are troubled with a smaller space it doesn’t mean you have to ditch larger items altogether. You can still have a wardrobe, chest of drawers and vanity tables if you want to (and if they work with the room) just think about them and their position strategically. Have large items up against the wall in non-intrusive positions to maintain a feeling of depth in the room by keeping obstacles to a minimum.

Plants and flowers

Adding natural touches to a room can give it the additional life that it might be looking for. If you’ve kept the space very minimal in design, adding some greenery and brightness will make it feel cosier and more like a comfortable living space than a very sleek, lifeless room. Not only do plants have aesthetic powers but they have so many other benefits including promoting great sleep which makes them even more perfect for your bedroom.

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