7 Essential Features That Make Shopify Plus the Best eCommerce Platform

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Corporations expect an eCommerce platform to be accessible, flexible, and scalable. The platform should be easy to use and support ongoing growth. Shopify Plus has become the platform of choice for leading companies such as Rebecca Minkoff, Kylie, and Nestle. Consider the seven essential features to look for in the best eCommerce platform for your business.

1. Supports Continued Growth

The goal of any business is to grow and become increasingly profitable. Rapidly growing companies need a platform they can trust and customize. For example, Shopify Plus merchants experience a 126 percent growth year-over-year with features that support scalability and multiple markets. Merchants can get unlimited bandwidth to process thousands of orders per minute per store. Each online store can be tailored based on region, currencies, language, and more to support international commerce.

2. Handles High-Volume Traffic

An online store must able to handle a high volume of traffic. Sales and special events drive visitors to the site. A robust eCommerce platform allows users to automate the processes required to support these promotions. The Shopify Plus platform offers Launchpad for users to schedule tasks and create scripts to support discounts, free shipping, and more. And the dashboard puts pertinent details at the user’s fingertips to monitor sales and inventory to make necessary adjustments right away.

3. Enables Successful Retail and Wholesale Stores

When it comes to business opportunities, more is always better. The best eCommerce platform offers a personalized wholesale channel for high-volume merchants. A company can get a separate storefront as an extension of their current online store to work with customers of all budgets and sizes. And invoicing and operations can be integrated to keep track of purchases and progress as well as integrate reward programs.

4. Offers Multiple Payment Gateways

Consumers expect to be able to pay the way they want. Without this crucial feature, online merchants could lose sales to the competition. A quality eCommerce platform offers more than a hundred payment gateways including social and mobile. Online shoppers want to access stores from a variety of devices and use their preferred payment methods.

5. Includes Customization Options

From eye-catching themes to unique fonts and colors, an eCommerce platform should include a variety of customization options. Customizing a site makes it instantly look different from any other company in the industry. These differences are used to brand the business, make it recognizable to customers, and establish a reputation based on its professional appearance. Tech enthusiasts can take this to the next level with Shopify Plus by using JavaScript and CSS to customize the look of their online stores.

6. Provides a Secure Environment for Shoppers

People have to trust an online store to take action. Before they share personal information, such as their names, addresses, and payment methods, consumers must feel confident they are protected. The best eCommerce platform provides the highest level of security. PCI DSS compliance throughout the platform ensures shoppers have an incident-free experience. Consumers who have a great experience at an online merchant tend to come back for more and share the opportunity with their friends.

7. Automates Routine Tasks

Automation is the ultimate way to save time spent on routine tasks. A quality eCommerce platform automates these tasks by using customized workflows. The use of these workflows helps companies become more efficient and productive. And apps should be offered to help online merchants with essential tasks such as managing inventory, marketing, and more.

The best eCommerce platform provides the tools an online merchant needs to succeed. From ensuring customer satisfaction to streamlining workflows, the right platform is used to create interactive online stores that appeal to consumers.  

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