What Are Your Options After Military Service?

Going back to civilian life can be very scary, navigating the nuances of not only readjusting to your daily life with your family and friends, but also determining what you would like to do next. Consider these steps on how to have a smooth transition into civilian life:

  1. Self Care – it will be an emotional journey and you should allow yourself to feel and express yourself throughout. Possibly talk to a therapist or counselor.
  2. Keep other veterans around you – someone who knows what its like to be in your shoes will be helpful along the journey.
  3. Get a routine – something that is similar to the military environment. Your military workout and regimen.
  4. Have pride – do not hide it, add your rank to your resume, go into detail on what you accomplished. Everyone is thankful for your service.

Job Search

There are a number of jobs that could utilize the skill sets you learned in the military. Having security clearance can get you high paying jobs in the intelligence field. Consulting, Logistics, Program or Project management are a couple of great options as well. Along with getting a job in the police force or security would also be a fairly easy transition as you have the mindset and can be easily trained. Don’t forget that school is also a huge opportunity for veterans. One of the many benefits offered is education assistance. You may find that you are even eligible for more than one benefit along with your family members.

Another option when in the search for jobs is using a recruiter to do the work for you. There are a number of staffing agencies out there that specialize in temporary contracts and full-time placement of people in need of work. A recruiter can also give you guidance and feedback on your resume and prep you for difficult interview questions. They will communicate with you on all necessary details of the role, negotiate salaries on your behalf or educate on the current market rates of the industry you are interested in. They are experts in the field and typically every agency specializes in different types of job opportunities. It will save you time and money by having the recruiter do all the work for you.

Going Back To School

Another option that you can consider is going back to school and getting a degree you didn’t get because you were busying protecting your many people, Realize that school is so affordable now that there are different things in place that allow for you to attend school and do so at a cheap rate. If you feel like going back to school might be too much you and a family member could enter together, there are many military spouses college grants that can help your family out.

Why not start your own company?

 Start ups are beginning to take over, especially in the technology industry. Find a niche, do your research and build your own company from the ground up. Take the opportunity to go back to school and learn about how to be an entrepreneur, take the appropriate business classes and build your network. Veterans get nervous because they see the the high unemployment rates or they hear the stories about all of the homeless veterans. This does not have to be you. Seize the opportunity to start something on your own.

There are a number of website online that give options for civilian life and post military career options, you just have to look. Also be open to the possibility of relocating. Best places to live for after the military varies. Typically places that are close to military or air force bases are the best options. Shopping is tax-free and 25% less than the standard retail prices.

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