Garden clothing – necessary accessories

If you decide to grow more than just grass in your garden, you’ll have to visit your garden regardless of the weather conditions outside. So that the weather would not be terrible for us, it is worth to buy appropriate clothing and accessories that will allow you to leave the garden dry and cleanly from every visit.

Responsibilities of the gardener

The garden is a place of relaxation and rest, but also an area where we grow plants or grow fruit and vegetables. However, in order for it to fulfil the role that we have assigned to it, we have to take care of it regularly. This is not only about mowing the lawn, but also watering, weeding, fertilising, digging, removing shoots, interrupting, pruning, transplanting, tying and finally harvesting and removing the remains of the lawn. Without all this, our harvest will not be remarkable. Therefore, we cannot give up the necessary work, even if the weather does not encourage us to leave our homes. Regardless of whether it’s heavily raining or you it is hot summer day.

Necessary accessories

In order to be able to work comfortably in the garden, regardless of the weather, we should make sure that our clothing includes clothes and accessories intended exclusively for garden work. For autumn, spring and summer we should have the following things at our disposal:

– raincoat – necessary when we have to go to the garden to pick fruit or vegetables during the rainy weather. Made of polyester, with wristbands and hood, it is an irreplaceable protection that not only protects us from the rain, but also from the wind. The coat can also be replaced by a rainproof set consisting of trousers and sweatshirts.

dungarees – a typical working outfit, which will be perfect for garden work. It is available in both male and female versions, it will perfectly protect your body from irritation by thorns, leaves, branches or insect bites.

– wellingtons – indispensable during intensive spring and autumn rainfall. Their biggest advantage is their high uppers, which guarantee that our feet will remain clean and dry, even when we sink into muddy, water-soaked soil.

protective goggles – will be necessary especially during work, during which we are in danger of damage to our eyesight, e.g. cutting branches, chopping wood, etc. We can also use them when we pick fruits from higher parts of trees – they will protect our eyes from the impurities falling from them.

– clogs – light, airy, made of nice to the touch foam. They are easy to clean and have small holes which prevent the feet from overheating – they will turn out to be perfect on hot days, when we have to perform the necessary care procedures.

– Sun hat – especially useful during hot days, when we will do the necessary gardening work. It will protect your head from the sun, and if you opt for a wide-brimmed model, it will also protect your shoulders from sunburn.

– gloves – every gardener certainly has gloves. However, in addition to ordinary disposable gloves or woven knitted gloves, it’s worth buying waterproof leather gloves, which are perfect for gardening, especially when felling trees, branches, etc. They are robust and more resistant to mechanical factors than other types of gloves.

Where to buy necessary accessories?

There are many possibilities to buy workwear. However, it is highly recommended to buy it at the shops that sell only workwear. In shops like there is a large choice of working cloths to choose from.

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