5 Tips for Planning Your Next Field Trip

The idea of a field trip can be nerve-racking for any teacher, especially if they lack experience in the area. There are all sorts of things that could potentially go wrong, anywhere from forgetting something to losing a kid!

But don’t fret – there are plenty of helpful tips available that you can use to build a foundation for a successful field trip. That way instead of worrying you’ll be able to enjoy the trip with your students.

1. Choose an Interesting Destination

This might seem like an obvious one, but your students will gain more value from their trip if the destination is tied to what their learning in class. That’s why it’s important to plan trips far ahead of time and in line with your planned curriculum.

Before the trip, be sure to educate your students about the destination and how it ties into what their learning. Consider giving them a small project to do while on the trip; for example, if you’re going to a zoo, get them to fill out a sheet that asks what kind of foods certain animals eat.

2. Recruit Some Reliable Volunteers/Chaperones

Even if you have a small-sized class, enlisting the help of at least one volunteer (like a parent) can really be a big help. After all, kids of all ages can be a handful, and you only have two eyes to keep watch of the whole group.

3. Outfit Your Group with Custom Tees

Here’s an idea you may have not considered – what about designing some custom t shirts for you and your kids? Customized shirts for your class could be a fun way to share the experience together, and also leave everyone with a lasting memento of the trip. With the right t shirt printing company, you’ll be able to save without sacrificing quality when it comes to designing a shirt that you and your kids will like.

But there’s also the practical application of it: with everyone wearing the same shirts, it’ll be easy to keep track of everyone in your group. Also, if you include your school’s name on the shirt, if someone gets lost then a staff member will easily be able to identity where the child is from.

4. Have a Meal Plan

This is probably the most important thing to remember! Who wants hangry kids running around moping and whining on their field trip? Either ask the parents of the kids to pack them a lunch, or, advise them to bring some cash along so that they can purchase food if available.

Depending on the length of your trip, you’ll probably want to even schedule some snack and refreshment breaks.

5. Always Be Prepared for Anything

Make sure to check all your boxes before the trip. Ask your students to arrive at school early and then do a check that you all have everything you need. Especially if a student has any medications they need to take, you’ll want to make sure that they are safely stored and available when necessary.

Your most important tip: have fun! If your kids see that you’re excited for the trip, then they will be too.

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