Tips for Taking a HCG Pregnancy Test

Before taking a pregnancy test, the first signs of pregnancy for some women can be feeling tired, a missed period, or vomiting. Taking a pregnancy test will be a good way to help find out if you’re pregnant or not. HCG pregnancy test is the most available one for us. Before taking the test, you might want to know some things about it to avoid possible misunderstanding.

What is a human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) pregnancy test?

When it comes to pregnancy tests, it can be confusing. To know about pregnancy test, we should figure out what exactly it is testing for firstly. HCG pregnancy test is designed to tell if your urine or blood contains human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced by cells in a pregnant woman’ s placenta. The test work by binding an antibody with the HCG hormone.  

Where to get and How to take the test?

HCG pregnancy test can be bought in a drugstore without a prescription. The cost depends on the brand. Here I strongly recommend you Wondfo’ s one step HCG pregnancy test which is easy to carry out with instruction, no need professional training. There are different formats of its tests, you can choose it depending on your demand.

The principle of pregnancy tests is similar. You can take the test in one of these ways:

  • Put the test’ s dipstick in your urine stream;
  • Collect your urine using a container and then dip the dipstick into it;
  • Collect your urine using a cup and then use a dropper to put the urine into test’s stick.

After one of these steps, you need to check the test instruction to figure out how long to wait for the result, usually two or a little more minutes. And then wait for a few minutes before the test reveals the test result. The result may show up as one line or two lines, or a symbol such as a plus or a minus sign, or the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant” on a digital tests’ screen. If the result doesn’t appear, it means that the test may not work properly. Under such circumstance, you should try again with a new test. What’ s more, before you take the tests, don’t forget to check the expiration date of the test and carefully read the instructions.

When to take the test?

If you’re pregnant, the test can usually detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in your urine approximately 6-12 days after your first missed period. This is the point at which the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall. So the earliest the pregnancy can be detected by HCG pregnancy test is about six days after fertilization. However, fertilization may not happen in the day of intercourse. So the advice is to take a pregnancy test until you miss your period. Moreover, HCG levels increase rapidly in a pregnant woman during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, so the test result increases in reliability over time in the first 10 weeks.

What time of the day is better for taking a pregnancy test?

It’s recommended to take the test on the morning of the day. Because the first urine in the morning has collected in the bladder overnight, which contains the maximum amount of the hormone HCG. What’s more, urine may be diluted after excessive drinking which can cause a false negative result.

Could you get a false-positive result?

Although HCG pregnancy tests are claimed about 99% accurate. However, you can get a positive result from a pregnancy test when you’re not pregnant in a rare case. A false-positive might happen if:

  • You take a pregnancy test in the wrong way.
  • The pregnancy test you choose is not sensitive enough.
  • You have taken a fertility drug that contains HCG before the test.
  • Some ovaries problems also might contribute to misleading results.

Could you get a false-negative result?

You might get a negative result when you’re actually pregnant if you:

If you find something wrong about the test result, you should retake the test with a new one week after your missed period.

After getting your test results, you should:

  • Repeat the test within about a week to confirm it if you get a negative result. If you still regard that you’re pregnant but the result shows that you’re not, you should call your health care provider.
  • Consult your doter if you have a positive result. They can further confirm the result with a more accurate test and give you some advice about prenatal care.

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