Speedy Eats – 5 Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen

Do you remember the last time you were able to have dinner ready on the table and in a timely fashion for your family? It might have been the last time you ordered a pizza or purchased burgers and fries. Families are more time-poor today than ever before, making it harder for everyone to sit around the table together and tuck into some homemade, nutritious meals.

Fortunately, those days are not over yet. Try out these five methods for quick eats below, and you could be enjoying valuable family time once more.

Invest in Induction

One of the many reasons why dinner can take so long to prepare is because many people are still using old cookware. Did you know that induction cookware is the way of the future? If you invest in an induction stove and the pots and pans to go with it, you can transform mealtime.

Anything you cook on your stove top will have even heat distribution and will cook far quicker. What’s more, tiny tots are less at risk of burns and stove injuries as the heat connects with the pots and pans, not skin.

Pressure Cooker Perfection

There’s nothing wrong with boiling, roasting, or sautéing, but all three of these processes can take a long time. You can save hours by using a pressure cooker, and there has to be a reason why sales have increased year on year since 2010. People are seeing the value in cooking a leg of lamb until it’s falling off the bone in less than two hours.

Meal Delivery Services

If you’ve done the math and there’s no way you can prepare dinner for your family after work without help, then you may see the value in time-saving meal delivery services. Because there are many families in the same boat as you, there are now over 100 different subscription-based meal delivery services to choose from in the United States alone.

Each week, you get a menu with measured, prepared ingredients for you to slap up something nutritious. It takes no time at all – yet offers a balanced week with wholesome ingredients and meals your family will love.

Meal Planning

If the cost of meal delivery services has put you off trying them out, but you still want to save time in the kitchen, then do your version of a subscription service. Set time aside out of your busy life to plan your entire weeks’ worth of meals. Get as many ingredients ready as possible and plan out what you will have on what day, and how long it will take. Sometimes, knowing what you will have is half the battle.

Frozen Dinners

Every year, the frozen food sector of the market makes billions of dollars, and it’s clear to see why. What the manufacturers are offering is touch-of-a-button convenience. However, even though the nutritional content of these frozen dinners is getting better by the day, nothing can beat home cooking. Every time you prepare dinner, create a couple of extra plates and store them in containers in the freezer. When you’re short on time, you can bring them out, reheat them, and save yourself hours of prep time.

Most busy families are always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen. Improve your cookware, try new appliances, or get savvy with planning. Before long, you can be on top of your game in the kitchen – saying goodbye to unhealthy takeaway options for you and your family.

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