How to Make Your Essay More Interesting to Read

Writing an essay is one of the most difficult but most interesting student’s task. It is required to state your own opinion on a particular issue but the scientific nature of the opus should be preserved. In fact, the author has to balance on the thin line between the artistic and scientific style of presentation.

To write an essay is only half the work. Another part of the author’s task is to make the opus interesting and original. Both tasks are important to implement simultaneously. But it is better to start with defining the style of the future essay and its character. The following types of styles are characteristic for an essay:

  • Philosophical;
  • Publicistic;
  • Popular science;
  • Literary critical;
  • Fictional;
  • Historical and biographical.

An equally important point is the topic of the essay and its structure. So that the work does not tire and moves easily, use the custom essay writing service. If you decide to write an essay by yourself, these simple tips will help you to make it more interesting to read:

1. Determine the title of the essay

It will help direct your thoughts towards the right thinking, as well as inspire you to write the first sentence. However absurd it may seem, writing the first sentence is the hardest.

2. Make a work plan

Mark the main points you want to write about, and stick with them while writing. So your thoughts will be structured.

3. Give yourself time

If you have such an opportunity, think over the arguments for defending. Haste only hurts you. Especially when you think “I need to write my essay today since deadline tomorrow.” Give yourself time to brainstorm, write and verify what is written. If possible, start working as early as possible. In this case, you will have time for additional adjustment.

4. Think about your audience

What seems convincing to one will not convince another. It is important to think about your target audience. Of course, the main reader is your teacher, but you should think about who else your arguments accepts convincing.

5. Ask for help to the classics of literature

Think about possible quotes, aphorisms of the classics that are appropriate for your essay. This will add an essay of aphoristic and originality.

6. Select the easiest item of the plan, and start writing opus from it

Adhere to this principle, then all the work will not seem exhausting.

7. Change the structure of the essay, if necessary

The process of writing it is creativity. So, there are no strict rules or restrictions for it.

8. Use evidence

If the topic of the essay needs to be supported by facts or data, try to find relevant things so as not to be unfounded.

9. Include counter-arguments

Perhaps, it will not be required, but it will make the essay deeper. Imagine that you have an opponent with the opposite point of view. Think about his strongest arguments, and think over objections.

10. Add feelings

Express your thoughts emotionally, do not be afraid of a candor. The essay should reflect your personality.

11. Use literary tools

These can be metaphors, analogies, epithets, allegories, associations, or symbols. Your main assistants in writing work are aphoristic and figurative.

12. Remember the dynamics

Express your thoughts as much as possible. The essay does not tolerate predictability and monotony.

13. Observe integrity

The last sentence of each paragraph should be submarine to the next paragraph. For easy readability, the text should have smooth transitions from one paragraph to the next.

14. Use humor

If your goal is to write an interesting, original and catching essay, do not be afraid to add irony to serious reflections or humor (if they are relevant). Do not forget that your work is a direct reflection of personal views. Let the essay reflect and reveal your identity.

If this work causes you difficulty, take the opportunity to order an essay from Writing Guru. So you will receive a high-quality essay written by a professional who perfectly understands the specifics of this opus.

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