Portable Solar Power: What You Need To Know

Since the discovery of electricity, man has been finding new ways to produce and harness that electricity. There are quite a few substances that can be used to produce the energy necessary to provide electricity into homes and businesses. This electricity is then used to power lights, appliances, chargers, and many other things. The production of electricity to power homes and businesses is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. Unfortunately, there are some problems facing traditional electricity production. The two primary issues are the damage that is being done to the atmosphere and the fear of running out of the necessary materials. One of the most common materials used to produce electricity is coal which is formed in deep in the earth. The state of West Virginia is not known for many things, however, it is known as the top producer of coal in the United States. There are many mines within the state and all of the coal harvested goes to the production of residential electricity. There is a constant fear that one day, there will not be any more coal in West Virginia which would be devastating to the power grid. Because of this, there have been advances in recent years to find alternative sources of energy, ones that are more sustainable. This line of research has produced several possibilities, two of which have the potential for unlimited supply. These two options are wind and solar energy. The wind is used by placing turbines in a wind-heavy area. The wind then spins the turbines which creates energy. In turn, this energy is used to provide electricity. The primary downfall of wind energy is that wind does not constantly blow, which means you will not be able to gather energy constantly. The second option is the focus of this discussion, solar power. Even on cloudy days, there are times the sun shines brightly on the earth. Solar energy has incredible potential and here, you will find all of the information you need regarding portable solar power.

The first thing to consider is how solar power works. There must be a solar panel connected to any device using solar energy. This can be a large panel connected directly into the home’s electrical system. It can also be a generator, a single light, or a charger among many other things. Regardless, there has to be a solar panel connected to the device or system. The panel absorbs sunlight as it shines on it. The rays that are absorbed by the panel are then turned into usable energy which is then converted into the appropriate type of electricity. When solar energy is first harvested in becomes what is known as DC electricity. The term DC stands for direct current which simply means that the energy is constantly going in the same direction. This type of energy is not compatible with many household appliances. However, it is the type of energy that is stored in batteries.  This is why solar energy must be converted into AC electricity which stands for alternating current electricity. This type of electricity will change direction periodically while in use. This is what is required in most households.

Next, consider the different types of solar powered products that are currently available. Start by considering the smallest options. One of the most common solar devices is driveway lights. These are relatively small, individual lights that you place along the edges of a driveway or walkway. Generally, these lights have stakes on the bottom so that they can go directly into the ground. There are small solar panels on the top/back of the of the light that gather solar energy during the day and then burn all night. These lights come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, some are basic lights while others are designed in whimsical shapes such as gnomes or butterflies. Other solar devices become increasingly larger and more intricate. Larger lights, chargers, powered portable solar generators (like the ones we bought from poweredportablesolar.com), large solar panels, and more. Each one of these devices has its own specific purpose and design.

One of the most useful solar powered devices is the portable solar generator. The uses for this particular device is seemingly infinite. They are excellent for off-grid living, green living, RV camping, power outages, and saving money are among the many different uses. When some is living “off grid”, this means that they are choosing to abstain from traditional power and water options. When it comes to a source of water, this generally means digging and/or utilizing a well. It may also mean taking advantage of a nearby stream and purifying the water. As for power, there are only a few possible options. For a long time, the only real option was a gas powered generator. Since the discovery of harvesting wind and solar energy, the options have expanded. Wind energy is incredibly useful but is limited to when the wind blows. Solar energy, on the other hand, is always available. Even on cloudy days, there is some solar energy to be harvested. Also, because solar energy is entirely natural, as is the conversion of it, it is an excellent choice for green living.

Another situation where solar energy is the optimal option is RVS camping. If you have ever camped in an RV, you know that to keep everything charged and powered up, you have to plug into a park’s system or use a generator. Using the RV’s park’s system is a viable option, but the spaces that allow hookups are often limited and you are not guaranteed to get one. Also, not all parks offer full hookups and those that do have the right to charge extra for the hookup. When it comes to generators, the most popular type to see is a gas powered version. This version functions appropriately but has many downfalls. One of these downfalls is the need to keep copious amounts of fuel which has a strong smell and is difficult to store. Not to mention the extreme expense. The second downfall is the noise. Neither of these is an issue with solar power.

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