How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take?

Have you recently been injured and you believe that someone else is responsible? If so, you should know that someone else may be liable for your injuries. You may be able to seek out compensation for your suffering. Of course, they aren’t just going to hand over the money. You may need to fight for it. In order to do that, you’ll need to acquire a lawyer and take your personal injury case to court. So, how long will it take to resolve such a case? That question is going to be answered in the guide below.

Each Case Is Different

Before getting in too far, you should know that each personal injury case is different. There is a real a possibility that your case is going to be over in a few months. However, this isn’t always true. In some situations, the case is going to drag on for years. It really depends on the person you’re trying to sue and their attorney. At the same time, the complexity of the case may cause it to drag out for years and years. Therefore, you really cannot put a time estimate on it. You just never know how long it is going to last.

Seeking An Attorney

Now, it is time to learn more about the process. By doing that, you’ll eventually be able find out tentatively how long your case is going to drag out. The first step of the process is finding a personal injury lawyer. Since you’re going to be researching a lot and speaking with many prospects, there is a good chance that you’ll spend a week or longer finding a good attorney. This should not be rushed. After all, your attorney could make or break your case in the long run.

The Investigation

Once you’ve got yourself a good attorney, the investigation is going to begin. The lawyer will seek out witnesses and they’ll scour through the evidence. This can be a very long process. While it depends on the complexity of the case, there is a good chance that the investigation will take many months. Allow the attorney as much time as they need. That will allow them to gather as much information as possible before settling things in the courtroom.


Next, you can guarantee that your lawyer is going to try to negotiate with the other party’s lawyer. It is really in everyone’s best interest to settle things out of court. This doesn’t always happen. However, there is a possibility that it will. If you can settle out of court, the whole thing will be over so much quicker.

The Trial

If negotiates fall apart, it is time for things to go to court. Court trials can be very long and tedious. Therefore, you should not be surprised that your trial is going to take many months. In fact, it might even drag out for years. Since there are so many factors at play, it can be nearly impossible to know how long the case is going to last.

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